Art Every Day – Nov 3


I didn’t get very far with my animal face so I ended up doing something I’m more familiar with…. human faces. 

This is by far not finished. 

Unfinished face

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  1. Nice start! I like projects where I can do a little each day. I’ll be starting on Christmas cards now and be doing it over many days. Really simple ones this year. Late start. Anyways, I will enjoy seeing your step-by-step painting of this lady. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to seeing where this goes! I’m so glad you are feeling better — we just finished taking turns at a bug, too, and there feels like there is so much catch up to do!! Good luck getting back on top of things. 🙂

  3. I’m practicing process pieces this year, which is a real stretch for me. In the past I have ALWAYS finished at one sit. The energy changes which affects the piece. It is a new and interesting experience! Your face is wonderful – I need to learn to draw faces better. Mine are always more abstracted (except when I was in school lo these many decades ago and had to make them resemble someone human).

  4. I just talked about process on another blog – I LOVE process…I love to see how people’s work evolves as they listen to that inner voice that guides them along…this is the beginning of a beautiful and interesting face. i can’t wait to see what comes to life in your capable hands

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