Like my mother does


Thanks to everyone who left me nice comments about my mom.  I really appreciate your kind thoughts :O)

I’ve had this song playing in my head all day and I love how Laura Alaina sings it.  I have to push it to the back because this video makes me cry! 

Today has been a slow day for me.  I took Claritin and it really helped a lot but it makes me tired.  Everything makes me tired… I’m so sensitive to medicines.   I took the claritin this morning at 7:30 and  I slept till 2 pm and missed church again.  UGh.  Oh well, it is nice to be able to breath and its nice to know what I’m dealing with finally.  I had been taking cold medicine and it just wasn’t working.  My sinuses were really congested and my ears had that annoying tickle!  I wished I could slide a pipe cleaner through there and scratch it real good but I might wipe out a few good brain cells doing that.  When I woke up I laid there for a while still feeling doped up.  Finally I decided to read a little.  I had started to read this book a while back called “A Can of Peas” by Traci Depree.  It’s a trilogy about a small town and things that happen with the people there.  I started back where I had left off but realized I didn’t remember who anyone was anymore.  So I started over again.  I really like how the story has small sections written in italics that tell a small story that happened in the past.  Those sections help the reader to understand some things about a person in the story and the history between the people. 

It starts off taking about a guy named Peter Morgan whose grandfather just died.  He was really close to his grandfather and remembered going with him on the tractor and watching the peas being harvested.   Here is a quote from the book that his grandfather Roy Morgan said to him as a boy in an effort to explain why his dad is different and doesn’t want to work on the farm.  His dad is a musician. 

“People are like these here peas.  They come in all sizes, you know.  Some are big, some small.  There’s floaters and sinkers, but it takes all kinds, working together and helping each other out.  That’s what makes a family, a town, work.”…. and then a little bit farther on Peter says, “What will I be when I grow up, Grandpa?”  His Grandpa answered, “You’ll be who you are now, plus or minus the choices you make along the way.  Now, what you do, that’s another matter altogether.  You’ll have to follow your heart… and God’s leading.  But it’ll come to you, Peter.”

I’ve also been looking at  my library book some – Forgotten Household Crafts by John Seymour.   It has some really interesting information about how household chores used to be done.  I just don’t like it when it tells something without a date range…  That’s stuff I need to know in case I’m ever on Jeopardy!!  Like this part that says “Whitewash was ritually applied to the ceilings every spring as part of the spring cleaning…”  it also talks about “pounding the wash with a peg-dolly in the wash tub, then rinsed and passed through the wringer, before being hung out to dry.”  It gives no indication about when, what era.  Still interesting though…  I always have google I suppose. 

I also picked up my knitting that has been getting lonely in the corner.  I am making a sweater in pale pink.  I got the back finished towards the end of last month and started the ribbing at the bottom the front side.  I

Back of Sweater

couldn’t knit for a while because of pain in my hands – especially, knit 2, purl 2 ribbing…  and then I realized that Blue my beagle had pulled it out and nested on it.  So instead of pale pink it was looking more like a tri-colored beagle. I ripped it out and tried to get rid of the dog hair sticking to the yarn and started fresh.  Hopefully I’ll get the 3 inches of ribbing finished today or tomorrow morning so I can start on the stockinette. I’ve been sitting here in my recliner section of the couch knitting away while snuggled up with an afghan my mom made for me after I got married.  It’s made with two strands of yarn… one is blue (my favorite color when I was a kid) and one is black (my husband’s favorite color).  My mom was always making something when I was a kid :O)

I haven’t done anything creative yet today so we see later what I come up with.

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  1. What do you mean? You were messing about with your knitting. That is creative right there! Knitting is an art, to. 😉

    That’s a really touching song. I can see why it would be very hard to listen to when you’re missing your mom, though.

    The books sound good, too. I like the peas story. 🙂

    Getting sleep whenever you can get it is a good thing. I hope you get lots more and feel better. :):)

  2. Wow, I love that song. What a beautiful tribute to sing about your mom. For me, it would be my grandma. She and my grandpa mostly raised me and it was God’s grace that they were in my life. I could sing this song about the two of them easily. And your knitting is art for the day. Creative, relaxing, and building towards something beautiful! Thanks for all your wonderful comments at my blog… they meant so much! And yes, I read back quite a ways on your blog… as was very blessed by your words!! HuGGs!

  3. Knitting is definitely creative and I like how your sweater is taking shape. I also like the quote taken from the book…might just have to look that book up myself.

    How lovely that you can cosy up under the afghan your Mum made for you…still wrapped up in her love.

    A beautiful song ~ xo

  4. Thanks Serena. You know, the more I read this book the more I really like it. Traci Depree is a really good writer. There are two more books too.

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