Missing my prince


My husband is gone for a whole week.  He’s in Vegas for a mandatory training for work…. kinda ironic that it is in Vegas I think.  My husband loves to gamble but he doesn’t have a problem stopping.  He saves up the money to gamble with and when it is gone he stops.  He says it is the same as entertainment for him and people spend a lot of money going to movies, concerts, or tours.  Personally, I’d like to take the money and go shopping.  I love bargain shopping and with the money he takes to gamble I could make quite a haul shopping!  Then of course I would have something physical when the day is done.  When my husband wins it just means he gets to play longer.  He loves it.

My husband and I went to Vegas for our 18th anniversary.  He had been before and was sure I would like it if I actually went.  Sure I did… I liked the shopping LOL  But, after you have been together as a couple as long as we have you begin to love something just because it makes the other happy.  My husband has this huge smile that I live to see and when he laughs… I mean REALLY laughs… he sounds like a hyena.  It’s a loud cackle and at the casinos I could hear it across the whole room and know he’d hit his number.  I could look up for the roulette table with the number 29 flashing and know that was where he was.  Me, I planted myself at a 4 card poker table after my husband taught me how to play and usually by the time he came back I had made friends with the group I was playing with and the dealer.  One group that I played with was a group of all ladies and we would cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s wins with rounds of drinks (I was drinking pepsi).  When it was time to go they all gave me a hug and the dealer even asked her boss if she could step over to say goodbye and give me a hug.  I missed them after I left and we had never met before that day and probably never will again.

That time we were in Vegas my husband was winning a lot and I was winning some too.  At one point he stopped to use the restroom before we headed out to eat and I waited for him at this bank of slot machines.  I hate slots…. it’s mindless.  But I was drawn to this one with butterflies and before he came out of the bathroom (and he doesn’t take long) I had won $165 matching up butterlies.  I paid for dinner.  When he was doing especially well I pulled him away to go shopping!  I bought some nice clothes for me and my boys.  They needed school clothes and since shopping is pretty sparse here in Fairbanks, Alaska the boys were really happy to have clothes that were different then everyone elses.  We even bought a suitcase to pack full of the new stuff we bought.  My husband and I ate at this really expensive restaurant and even tried caviar and other interesting things.  That was the most expensive dinner I’ve ever eaten but we sure had fun.

My husband just called a little while ago to tell me goodnight and I really miss him right now.  I’m not used to being alone.  It amazes me how military wifes can do it for so long!  I wouldn’t be able to do it.

So for today I decided to show you a box from my collection that my husband bought for me.

Silver Anniversary box

Of course he has bought me many but this one is special.  He ordered this one online and had it engraved for our 10th anniversary. It is silver and really needed to be polished.  On the top it reads,

“Dearest Donna, Happy 10th Anniversary.  Love, Chris”

I got out the polish because it is really stunning when it is clean. The dark areas stay dark but the raised silver designs really shine!  This is just with a quick polish.

For AEDM (Art every day month) I’ve been tatting yesterday and today.   Here is what I’ve done so far…

First I made this smaller piece for the middle. 

Then I made this piece to go with it.  This piece was easy to make but difficult to finish off because of the variegated thread.  The ending thread was very pale lavendar and the piece it needed to connect to was dark purple.  So when I tried to hid the pale ends in the dark purple it looked terrible.  I ended up just tying a regular old knot on the bottom so it wouldn’t show.

Then I put them together and I got this

Now I’m working on the last part and it should be finished tomorrow.

Thanks to Jon Yusoff for the free pattern.  Her free patterns are at http://tatsaway.blogspot.com/p/free-tatting-patterns.html

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  1. You are so lucky to have somebody to miss that much. 😉

    Sounds like you had a really good time in Vegas that time. I only played blackjack. Lost one night and won the next night. (Got married there once.)

    That box is just beautiful! I love the ornate carving. So pretty. And coming from the hubby makes it more special. 🙂

    I don’t know how to crochet. (I assume that is crocheted?) Very pretty.

    Have a good weekend–even if you are missing your man. :):)

    • Rita, it’s actually tatted not crochet. Tatting is a type of lace making that is not very common these days. I love reading and learning about old crafts that the women used to do in days long past – When they used to sew their own clothes and embellish them with the lace they made themselves. They even made lingerie with tatted lace! To make it simple… tatting is basically a square knot just like sailors use. You make the knot with one thread onto a core thread. Tatting is made up of only two stitches (where are really just knots) and together they make the squre knot… then you just repeat those. It’s makes a very pretty and sturdier lace.

  2. My husband goes to Vegas for work next month, and that’s just fine with me, because it means I don’t have to go;) He’s not into gambling, but he insists I’d like the shows. Probably I would, but noise and bright lights aren’t my thing.

    • I didn’t even see any shows while I was there. I did go to some exhibits… I saw the titanic exhibit/tour and bodies that was at the luxor. I wanted to go to an art musium but didn’t get to. I did get to see a lot of fish though! I love tropical fish! I really didn’t care for the street people handing you nudie pics though! I found I have this look that makes them tremble! hehe

  3. It sounds like your husband has a great time gambling and it’s all the better that he can walk away….many people can’t. I’m with you…I just don’t see the sense to slot machines…definitely mindless but it’s great that you won $165 on one of them. I’d be lost in a gambling zone…doesn’t really draw me at all.

    I do love a nice meal out though. What fun you had spoiling yourselves!

    That box is gorgeous!! I love silver!

    You are so clever to be able to tat lace creations like this. I can crochet using the very fine cotton but I have no clue on how to tat. Your pieces joined look SO lovely…..it reminds me of a snowflake.

    Have a lovely weekend,

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