Bernat Pattern

I love to knit and crochet but since I don’t have much money right now I’ve been on the lookout for free knitting patterns.  I got this one in an email from Bernat.  I tried to find it on their website but it didn’t come up in patterns.  I love this and can’t wait to get the yarn to make a few of these.

I also just recently joined Pinterest.  That is a great tool for saving things you love as you are surfing the web.  You have to ask for an invitation to join but once you’re a member you will love it.  Once you request an invite from the main page it only takes about a day to get it in your email.  In Pinterest you have a board (think of a cork board) that you can title for a group of related items.  Then you can pin items of interests to it.  So say you have a board for hair styles.  While you are out looking at websites about hair styles and you see a picture you like you can choose to pin it to your board.  There is a handy link you can save to your favorites (Its on the main page).  Once you have that favorited/bookmarked you can click it whenever you are on a webpage you want to pin. What it does is pull out the images from the page and you can click “Pin this” on the image you want.  When you pin the image you can copy the link to the page into the text box to find your way back if needed.  Other people may “repin” something you pinned and add it to their boards.  You can create multiple boards each with a different theme.  It quickly becomes addicting.

I just created a board for “free knitting patterns” and when I am looking at one online I can pin the image and then copy and paste the link to the pattern into the text box.  That way when I’m ready to make that item I know where to go to get the pattern.  Until I’m ready though, it’s not taking up space on my computer hard-drive.

To sign up for Pinterest, follow the link below:


Here is another pattern I really like from

Jacquards - Directional Scarf (knit)

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  1. I recently heard somebody mentioning pinterest. Had no clue what they were talking about. Now, getting a description, I can understand a little better. But is this mainly for pictures off the web and if you want to link back you have to copy and paste an address? I might have to peek at it. Sounds like it might be a way to kind of categorize certain types of bookmarks.

    Anyways, looks like you have some knitting and crocheting plans for the winter. That’s the best time!! 🙂

    • Yes, that is exactly how it works. You have to have an image to pin though. I really like how it looks. When you log in you see your “boards” laid out on the page like sheets of paper side by side… then imagine you take sticky notes and stick them in neat rows on each sheet of paper…. that is what it looks like. If you are browsing the web and you see something neat that someone painted and you want to try that later you can pin that image. If you are just going ot refer to the image for ideas you don’t need a link but I think it’s nice to add it anyway. That way if someone else likes the artwork they can follow the link to the artist. It would be a neat way to have a nice orderly list of bookmarks with visual images to trigger your memory. You can link to their logo/banner… I’ve seen people that have hundreds and hundreds of pins! It’s really cool! It’s also fun to browse what other people have pinned. I have found some fun things that way.

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