Zentangles and other tangles of mine


About a month ago I went to a meeting with the Watercolor society here in the Fairbanks area. They had a Zentangle instructor come in to show us how its done. It was fun and a nice change from what I usually do. I still prefer to sketch and paint but every now and then I like just play and have fun.

Here is what I did during that meeting in October. This is my very first Zentangle!

The instructor sent us an email showing everyone’s tiles next to each other and it was neat to see how different they all were considering we were all learning the same “tangles”.   The picture isn’t very big.  You can see mine down at the bottom left.  The email also contained a link to this video on youtube.  Rita, I think the calligraphy and pen at the beginning is neat and it made me think of you LOL

This pattern is called  “Betweed”

Here is another pattern they show called “mooka”.  This is one of my favorite ones I’ve learned but I’ve never actually tried it.

Here is another neat one called “coil”  I really like this one too.

 Here’s another Christmas tree I did with my version of a coil.  It’s not finished.  I was waiting for it to try to play with it some more.

I also signed up to take a class on Willowing.ning.com.  There is a cute little graphic for it on the right side of my blog that links to their website.   The class I’m taking is on learning how to make mandalas.  It’s a free class and it just started Monday so it’s not too late to join.  You can jump right in!  I can’t wait to get started.  I just needed to pick up a few supplies.  I have some nice colored pencils but I didn’t have any watercolor pencils.  I saw on another blog where this awesome artist (Serena) was working with Derwent Inktense pencils and I loved how intense the colors were.  I had a 50% off coupon so I bought a set of 12.  For the class I also needed a square (although so far it looks like she’s just using it as a straight edge) and a compass.  My compass is in hiding so I bought a cheap one to use for now.  I ended up looking all over town for a square (just in case).  What I found is a triangle but it will work.  Other than that all that is needed is a mechanical pencil,  eraser and paper.  I think that’s all.  I can’t wait to get started!  Yesterday, the instructor uploaded some templates to print off and there is a video to explain how to add to them.  The first lesson is to just play around at creating designs by adding lines to the templates.  There will be another video uploaded on Wednesday where we will paint a mandala.  I’ve got my table all cleared off and ready to play!

While I was out running around yesterday I was also looking for the yarn and knitting needles I need to make the hat I posted in yesterday’s blog.  I couldn’t find anything I needed!  The pattern calls for double pointed needles in size 15 (10 mm)!  That’s really big for dpn’s.  I will have to order them online but I have a regular set of needles that I can use to check my gauge.   I also need a set of size 17 knitting needles…. I might have to order those too unless I can make a size 19 work.   I’m looking at some nice needles on Ebay.  I was surprised that I couldn’t find any yarn in the weight they used – 6 – Super bulky.  They were out of a lot of yarn at Joanns so that is probably why but I lucked out and found something that will work in my stash!  I bought a bunch of this yarn from a place that sells discontinued yarn!  It is called Caramba by Schulana (made in Italy *oooh la la!*).  It’s black and white, fuzzy and super soft!  It will go nicely with my coat and boots which are black faux sheepskin.

I also had the pleasure of going to the dentist.  They did x-rays and said it didn’t look like I have an absess at the root but there is obviously an infection going on there that is causing swelling and pain. They put me on antibiotics which are making me really tired and I am being referred to an endo— dentist.  I forget the proper term. Endodontist? A high tech dentist with a cool microscope!  I’ve seen him before and he’s really nice and doesn’t mind all my questions LOL  Or at least he doesn’t let on if he’s irritated by them.

I picked out another box to show you.  This one was given to me by my sweet sister.  It’s a birthstone box.  I thought it was fitting since it is November and my birthday is on the 27th.  It has a little golden colored stone on the front and inside it says,

 “November ‘Topaz’ Color of truth; smiling with generosity and good will”


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  1. OMGosh!! You set me off on a long journey!! I ended up snooping on youtube for zentangle and mandala videos!! What fun!! Love the betweed, mooka, and coil! Thanks sooooo much for posting these!!! 🙂

    I really love your coil Christmas tree! And you’re going to join the mandala class, too! Awesome! I can hardly wait to see what you make, too! 🙂

    That yarn looks perfect. Especially to go with a black coat. I hope you can get the right sized needles.

    Glad they didn’t find an impacted tooth. By the time mine swelled up (I didn’t notice the pain–hurt all over all the time and my jaws are bone on bone already from OA) I needed jaw surgery to carve a cyst out. I hope they can treat it with medication for the infection. *hugs*

    That’s a really sweet box. Happy birthday early!! 🙂 Now I have to go work on a mandala…LOL! 🙂

    • Rita, they did put me on antibiotics and they are making me very tired. I’ve been a zombie ever since. I missed another watercolor class today because I couldn’t wake up. I did make some muffins last night to the watercolor society meeting… I was on the snack list for this month. I made it to that but I just felt out of sorts. They were making Christmas cards but I just sketched a little… I didn’t even paint a single thing. It’s really cold outside and it was a bit chilly inside too. I just couldn’t paint because I wasn’t comfortable. I paint some later when I’m thawed out.

  2. Your zentangle is neat and I absolutely LOVE your coiled Christmas Tree! Thanks so much for posting these videos…I will be watching them the first spare moment I have. I hope you like the Inktense pencils as much as I do and thank you for your kind words about me.

    So sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with tooth/abscess pain. I hope the antibiotics help.

    Your birthstone box is very cute!

    I don’t understand how I’ve missed your posts on AEDM but I’ve now added you to my blog roll so I won’t miss any more. 🙂

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