Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

Frozen in Alaska


Its pretty cold here right now.  It is so cold that the tires on vehicles stay flat for a while where they were touching the frozen ground and you hear “clunk -clunk, clunk-clunk” for a while when you first start driving.  I just stay home unless I just can’t avoid it because you either have to plug your vehicle in to keep it warm or leave it running.  Most places don’t have places available for people to plug in since it costs so much in electricity.   I rode with a friend to the Watercolor Society Meeting tonight so I didn’t have to deal with it.  I got cold and never really could get warm.  It was kind of chilly inside too so I kept putting on my coat and then taking it off when I got too hot.  They were making Christmas Cards.  There were a lot of great examples shown and some people brought in old Christmas cards for inspiration.  I sketched out a bird house with a cardinal but never did paint anything because I just couldn’t get comfortable.

Well, as soon as I got in the door I went in my room and put on some footed pajamas!  My feet are still cold but the rest of me is finally thawing out.  My hands are hurting but I took some ibuprofen so it should start working pretty soon.

I found this video on youtube of an old song I remember hearing on the radio as a kid.  Johnny Cash actually sang it with June Carter but I wanted to use the original version.  The street scene that you see first on the video is here in Fairbanks where I live.  That is very close to where I live actually and that is exactly how it looks right now.  Foggy and cooooOOooold!   The other pictures are from other areas in Alaska and some of the pictures of dancers were probably not even taken here in Alaska.  I think someone likes girls in Red.  Hmmm

The antibiotic the dentist put me on makes me really tired.  Yeah, everything makes me tired.  Dayquil makes me tired.  I’m just sensitive to everything.  I have to take it every 6 hours and shortly after taking it I end up falling asleep.  I slept most of the day today and missed my watercolor lesson again!  I think that makes 3 times in a row.  I was able to show my watercolor teacher what I’d been painting though since he’s who I rode with tonight.  He really liked my face I painted and my zentangle trees.

I don’t have any pictures of anything for today.  I’m just so cold I want to curl up in my bed and finish my book.  I’m almost finished with A Can of Peas by Traci Depree. 

Oh, and one more sleep until my prince comes home!  Tomorrow evening I’ll go pick him up at the airport!!!  YAY!


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