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I enjoy all seasons and always have something growing inside or out. I also love to read, paint, take pictures and to just get creative. I'm sure you'll see some evidence of that in this blog

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  1. Wow! Really cold already up there! It’s early for us to be in the single digits at night already. Is that cold weather early for you, too?

    I have to laugh at how when it gets colder Karma wants to sit with me all the time. I’m just a human heating pad to her–LOL! đŸ˜‰

    Stay warm!!

    • It’s actually late for here. It really didn’t get cold until this week and it used to be this cold in October. I remember several halloween when I took the kids to the malls because it was too cold to be outside. And a lot of halloween costumes crack when they get frozen.

      So Karma is like me! I am always snuggling up to Chris because he’s always warm and I’m always cold. He doesn’t like it when I put my cold feet on him though.

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