Daily Archives: November 18, 2011



Today wasn’t a very good day for me.  I couldn’t sleep all night and then I was up a long time during the day unable to catch a nap.  I sat at my computer and watched youtube videos on zentangles.  I tried to copy some of them but my hands were really shaky today and they don’t look so good.  I do so much better when I work them in pencil and then paint them in like I did with the tree.  Maybe tomorrow I will do some more.  I want to start a book to keep track of the zentangle patterns I learn.

I also knit a few swatches trying to find a suitable yarn in my stash to make a dog sweater for blue.  She needs something to keep her warm when she goes out to go potty.  I also need to make her some booties.  She’s lost most of hers.  Last year I had to use those little stretchy gloves you can buy really cheap.  I just wrapped rubber bands  around the top to keep them on.  She looked so funny….. like a 4-legged seal or something.

Well I’m still taking the antibiotic for the mysterious abscess that doesn’t seem to be related to a tooth.  The endodontist’s  office  hasn’t called yet to schedule an appointment.  Around 1 pm or so my mouth started throbbing and it swelled up.  I took some more ibuprofen which seems to help with this and went to lay down.  I zonked out until 10 pm!  I was sleeping so deep and dreaming some weird stuff about bombs in alarm clocks.  I dreamt that I had this clock with a bomb in it running around trying to find a place to toss it but there were people everywhere…..  I woke up totally freaked out.  Well the swelling is down now but it is still bothering me a bit.  Of course it is Friday again.  This thing all started last Friday evening and I had to wait until Monday to call the dentist.   On Monday  I’ll call the endodontist’s office to see what’s up.  I bet there is something going on with the tooth right next to this abscess and it’s the one the endodontist had to re-do the root canal on but that was a long time ago.  I’m really worried I’m going to lose that tooth and have to have a bridge.  I really don’t want to pay for one of those or deal with something like that.  UGH!