Today wasn’t a very good day for me.  I couldn’t sleep all night and then I was up a long time during the day unable to catch a nap.  I sat at my computer and watched youtube videos on zentangles.  I tried to copy some of them but my hands were really shaky today and they don’t look so good.  I do so much better when I work them in pencil and then paint them in like I did with the tree.  Maybe tomorrow I will do some more.  I want to start a book to keep track of the zentangle patterns I learn.

I also knit a few swatches trying to find a suitable yarn in my stash to make a dog sweater for blue.  She needs something to keep her warm when she goes out to go potty.  I also need to make her some booties.  She’s lost most of hers.  Last year I had to use those little stretchy gloves you can buy really cheap.  I just wrapped rubber bands  around the top to keep them on.  She looked so funny….. like a 4-legged seal or something.

Well I’m still taking the antibiotic for the mysterious abscess that doesn’t seem to be related to a tooth.  The endodontist’s  office  hasn’t called yet to schedule an appointment.  Around 1 pm or so my mouth started throbbing and it swelled up.  I took some more ibuprofen which seems to help with this and went to lay down.  I zonked out until 10 pm!  I was sleeping so deep and dreaming some weird stuff about bombs in alarm clocks.  I dreamt that I had this clock with a bomb in it running around trying to find a place to toss it but there were people everywhere…..  I woke up totally freaked out.  Well the swelling is down now but it is still bothering me a bit.  Of course it is Friday again.  This thing all started last Friday evening and I had to wait until Monday to call the dentist.   On Monday  I’ll call the endodontist’s office to see what’s up.  I bet there is something going on with the tooth right next to this abscess and it’s the one the endodontist had to re-do the root canal on but that was a long time ago.  I’m really worried I’m going to lose that tooth and have to have a bridge.  I really don’t want to pay for one of those or deal with something like that.  UGH!

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  1. How come these things always flare up on a Friday after closing time, right? I hope it isn’t something where you’ll need a bridge. Yup! Call them on Monday. the sooner you find out the quicker you can stop thinking/worrying about it, right?

    I’ve been unable to sleep for love or money for a couple of days. Due for a collapse sleep soon. I am so tired right now I think the most I will be able to do it some doodling or zentangles, too. At least we finished up the Christmas cards. Whew! 🙂

    Hang in there. Maybe the antibiotics will do their thing. I hope you get some good, healing sleep.

    Oh, and I had chihuahuas when I was young and they had coats and booties. But they always lost their booties in the snow. Finally they just went with coats–very fast. Really made my dad mad because I lot of times they refused to even get off of the step to do their business because they were so cold! And as kids, we weren’t the best about going out and cleaning it up right away–LOL! At least it was so cold that it was like stepping on small rocks and there was no way he could track it into the house! He’d get mad and kick the tiny poops off the step into the snow banks! Oh my–makes me giggle even now.

    Stay warm, sweetie!

  2. LOL My mom had a chihuahua named peanut and my sister has her now. She’s pretty lucky she gets to live in San Antonio, TX instead of Fairbanks, AK!

    Blue doesn’t have much fur and there are places with none on her belly so mainly I want to cover that area. She also tries to poop while standing on two legs and it’s funny to watch. She picks up one leg and then in mid poop tries to pick up another one of the other side. She could be a circus dog! Sometimes she alternates the feet that are on the ground and the whole time she is shivering. It’s funny but sad too. She goes to the door and scratches like before but then when I open it she hides from the fog that comes in. She’ll keep doing that until she really has to go. So I’ve got some fleece and I’m going to try and make her some booties. I just can’t find any velcro and I don’t really want to tie something on four wiggly puppy feet! The yarn I found in my stash is making a nice thick fabric but I don’t know if it would be very warm. It’s acrylic and bulky but airy yarn so maybe I should just go pick up something with some wool in it.

    Cross your fingers that I wont need a bridge! All I can think about is when this lady went in for a colonoscopy to have us take out her bridge she swallowed because it cost so much money! So she bleached it and put it back in! OMG

  3. I’m sorry! Some of those bridges can be way over a thousand dollars. I think I’d be boiling, bleaching, scrubbing, and disinfecting, too–ROFL!! 😉 I’m still wondering how she could have swallowed it. I would have tried to force myself to throw up first–LOL! What a conversation, eh? 🙂

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