American Idol


Some of my best times are when I’ve spent the night listening to American Idol video’s on youtube.  I don’t watch TV so I never see the show when its on.   I’ve been watching the 2010 season and I have been in love with some of these songs!    I’m just amazed at how many of the contestants in this season played guitar!    It makes me want to take mine off the wall and play it instead of dust it.

And this is fantastic.  I don’t know how anyone could choose between these two people.  I know Lee won but Crystal is really good too!

Okay, I’m kinda partial to this one too.  She cries at the end.

I really like this duet too.

I really like this song although I think this guy would be really handsome with a bit of a shearing.  When I first saw him I thought he got lost on his way to a soap opera…..or an “I can’t believe it’s not butter” commercial.

This is another good one by Casey James.

Wow, I wasn’t very impressed with this guy until this song.

I love this song and she does a pretty good job.

I have to include a funny one.

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  1. I watched that year because of Ellen being on. Normally I only peek when they get to the final 10, to be honest. This was a fun review.
    Being a child of the 60s I love long hair if it’s clean. I loved Casey’s hair! LOL! He was a great front man for a band–a team guy and good musician–but really wasn’t one to sing from the heart as a soloist, you know. I liked him, though.
    I liked the bit of raspiness in Lee’s voice and I always liked Crystal, too.
    Now we know you secretly listen to American Idol contestants during the night up in Alaska–LOL! 😉

  2. LOL I love music! I just don’t like to watch TV that much. I like to be able to do stuff and can’t be glued to one spot. I was hoping Casey would sing Lips of an Angel but Lee sang that one. I think Casey has the perfect voice for that one.
    You know when I first started dating my husband and for a long time after we got married he had a mullet…..everyone thought he looked like Kurt Russell. I actually liked his hair like that. I guess I don’t like a guy to have more hair than me LOL

    YOu know, I just looked at my blog post again and realized some of the videos didn’t work. I just went in and fixed them. There is a funny one at the end that had me cracking up!

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