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Stuck on Crystal Bowersox


This is a long post full of songs by Crystal.  I love making posts like this because then later I can come back here and listen to all these songs again.

This is a new song I found.  Its a music video even.  I love how the yarn is unraveling at the beginning and then she’s knitting it back into a sweater.  Also, if you look at the TV when it first starts and off and on throughout the video, you’ll see her sweet little boy.


Here is another sad song by Crystal

Something tells me she didn’t have a good relationship with her mom.


I’m going to have to buy her album


I could listen to her all day…… and night.

I have to say, I’m surprised she recorded a country album.  She is talented and had so many different ways she could go but I do like it!  She does have that thing that the Judds had that I loved so much.  Its a bit country with a huge dollop of sazzy-jazzyness.

This is my favorite right now….   I love it.


Dang….. I don’t think this song has ever been sung better.


This is one of my favorite songs ever and then she  sings it and makes it better.


Okay wait… no, this ones my favorite…  Its a music video/car commercial but I love love love this song!

Of course you can save the flowers, sweets and other good stuff for me!  For my birthday week!


Another good one….


This one is from American Idol 2011


This is a pretty song


When this song started I thought it was a commercial and was already turning it down.  This is a really fast song and very upbeat…. kinda reminds me of a coca cola commercial.


Would you believe me if I told you I left some out??

Here is another good one… Saved by Grace


This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen…..  Crystal sings with her husband Brian


Crystal at age 13 sings her own song that sounds very jewel-esqe.  Its really pretty but its really really long.


okay, I digress :O)  for now…