Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

Letters on paper


Yesterday was a great day.  My son brought in the mail and I had two letters and a package.  Of course my birthday is this Sunday and the package was for my birthday but I love getting letters.  No one seems to write anymore!  It is so easy to email but it is so impersonal.  I love beautiful stationary and colorful pens and stamps.  A letter or  a card can also contain a special little something like a pressed flower, bookmark, photograph or even money.  You can’t do that with an email.  I remember when my grandmother was still alive and I loved writing to her and getting letters from her.

My package contained lemons, tangerines and pecans from my dad’s yard in Georgia.  The timing was perfect so they didn’t get frozen.  Last year I got a box full of frozen lemons but I just popped them into my freezer and thawed them when I was ready to use them.  I made home-made lemon bars and lemonade.  It was actually very convenient having those frozen lemons.  This time I plan on using them fresh though.

One of the letters I got yesterday is from a new friend of mine with an awesome cat.  It sure made my day.

Well, I managed to stay awake most of the day today.  I’ve been sick and taking cold medicine so it just happened to work out that I slept till 3:30 am.  Lately I’ve been waking up at 10 pm so hopefully I’ve made it off the night shift.  I learned a new crochet stitch called the crocodile stitch by watching youtube today.  I thought I was smart and decided to learn the stitch and make my first scarf with it at the same time……… using a difficult yarn.  This yarn is a boucle so it’s very difficult to see the stitches.  I also added to the length so the rows of scales alternates differently than the video.  Needless to say I had to rip it all out.  Tomorrow I’ll try again using a plain yarn so I can understand how to start and end each new row correctly.  Then I’ll make my scarf with the beautiful boucle yarn.

Here is the video I’m learning with.  This is actually one of 3 that I watched on the same stitch.  This one was the most clear.