I’m going to live


I feel a little bit better today and I’ve managed to stay awake during the day although I’m starting to droop.  I woke up about 5 am today and even though I laid down a little while when I was freezing to death I didn’t actually sleep.  I had to take Riley to the store to exchange a game that didn’t work and I decided to stop by Joann’s and get some yarn to make Blue girl a sweater.  I guess I forgot it was Black Friday!  People were driving crazy and the lines in the stores were so long they needed little water tables along the way.  I wore my trusty old parka that my sister sent me a while back .  It’s nearly impossible to get cold in that but somehow I did and I started to hurt by the time I got home.  Now my hands are aching and my legs are killing me.  I put on my snugly footed pj’s and I’m ready to take something and go to bed.  I was just trying to stay awake a little longer than this so I can make sure to stay on days.  Its only about 6 pm right now but I just keep thinking if I take something and get to bed my hands might not be hurting tomorrow so I can start knitting that sweater for Blue.

I was working on my crocodile stitch scarf earlier today and I can’t wait till it’s finished.  It reminds me of angel wings with the sparkle in the white yarn.  I have decided that I’m going to sew a piece of white fleece to the backside to make it softer on the inside.


About Donna

I enjoy all seasons and always have something growing inside or out. I also love to read, paint, take pictures and to just get creative. I'm sure you'll see some evidence of that in this blog

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  1. OMG! I have never ventured out on Black Friday! What a nightmare! Well, I hope you slept during the night and stayed on days. I always physically feel better when I’m on days. Never thought that would be the case as I was always a night person, but I do better even being awake before dawn or the middle of the night than sleeping during the day. Though, like you, I don’t always have a choice–LOL!

    Hope you are feeling lots better today!! 🙂

  2. I also hope you have a better day today, Donna. I hate going shopping at this time of year as everyone is out doing their Christmas shopping and I feel all claustrophobic and suffocated in crowds. I’ve been known to walk into a mall and then walk straight back out because I can’t cope with the sea of people. I’m glad you survived the sales.

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