BUSTED! In more ways than one


I took a marathon nap Saturday and when I woke up after midnight I realized that I didn’t post for Saturday!  OH no, there goes my streak of posting everyday for the month of November.  I made it most of the way anyway.

Well I was doing pretty good on days until I suddenly got tired on Friday around 5pm.  I made myself stay awake as long as I could but around 6pm I was in bed.  I slept until maybe 2am and then couldn’t sleep anymore.  So I was back on the night shift again.  I started reading my kindle thinking I could stay kinda sleepy and end up falling back to sleep again.  Well, not only did that not work but I ended up dropping my kindle and breaking the screen.  I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad!!  But it wasn’t obviously broken at that time.  It just seemed to be frozen.  What was on the screen was just stuck there.  I thought it just needed to be reset.  So I put it aside to wait until my tech support woke up.  As soon as my hubby woke up I showed it to him and he tried to figure out how to reset it.  He tried looking online and trying different things.  Nothing worked but the screen started to look a little different.  It is divided by lines that separate the corners in triangular shapes.  The majority of the top part of the screen is still frozen on the last thing I was looking at.  Other parts of it changed to just white and one small corner at the bottom was still working with some lines in it.  You could see the text change when you hit the button to turn the page.  So, it seems the screen is broken but the kindle still works.  I was thinking about contacting support to see how much it would cost to repair it when Chris said we should go do some stuff for my birthday.  So we got ready to go.  He asked where I wanted to eat and all I could think about was french fries!!!!!!  So we went to McDonalds (I’m a cheap date).  Then we went to walmart and he bought me some new cool pajama’s with the grinch on them!  The pants are plaid with a warm yellow green and black and pictures of the grinch.  The top is black, long sleeved and has the grinch down the right side with a few snowflakes.  They are cute!  He also bought me a set of matching hat, scarf and gloves with this neat black and white zigzag pattern.  When we were in the car he asked where my gloves and hat were and I said I hadn’t made them yet LOL  So he bought me some so I don’t have to knit some.  I’m still going to make that neat hat from a few posts back though!  I had a bunch of fun just hanging out with him but guess what else he bought me????!??!?!?!?!!  A Kindle Fire!  It’s in color and is like having a small ipad.  I love it!  Funny thing  is I still miss my old Kindle.  All my books transferred over to my new kindle but the games that were designed for the other kindle are gone.  I will really miss those grid type games and word games.  I feel really bad that I broke something so expensive.  That version with the keyboard is cheaper now than it was when I got it.  I keep thinking of the money wasted.  I did get some good use out of it but I took really good care of it……… until I dropped it that is.

So now I’m in my new pajamas all warm and comfy and I’m going to go read a book on my new Kindle :O)

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I enjoy all seasons and always have something growing inside or out. I also love to read, paint, take pictures and to just get creative. I'm sure you'll see some evidence of that in this blog

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  1. I have been looking at the ads and online about the kindle fire! You’re supposed to be able to watch movies and do email and everything on there, besides read books. But you have to sign up with a yearly fee, right? Looks awesome! I hope it is as cool as it looks. I know you feel badly about dropping your old kindle, but maybe the early Christmas present will take the edge off that sorrow–LOL! 😉

    Your new pajamas sound cute! 🙂

  2. The Kindle is really great. My husband has been liking it too! It has apps like an ipad or iphone. He started playing words with friends on it with some of his friends which is like scrabble if you are unfamiliar. They usually play on their cell phones but Chris can’t get it on his cell. I like it because while I’m waiting for the other person to make their turn which can take a while if they aren’t online so I can get stuff done around the house. I play on my iphone or on facebook so I’m just going to let him stay signed in on the Kindle. I really wanted to play with him since his new phone can get apps but he said he couldn’t get that one. Anyway, he started a two player game on the kindle and I beat him LOL He was so focused on getting a great word and saving certain letters (he had a Z and a Q both 10 points and kept saving them for the perfect word). I just kept getting all the extra point squares and went from losing to beating by over a hundred points. In the end he still had his Z and his Q and was out of tiles! He is also losing to his buddies who are high school teachers so maybe next time I should let him win LOL I’m going to read the manual and learn some more about it but I haven’t seen anything about a yearly plan…….except they were talking about an amazon prime account which seems to be like having a netflicks account – you can read certain books/watch streaming movies and things like that for a monthly fee.

  3. Yes, that’s what it is–Amazon Prime. Dagan and Leah were talking about the new Kindle Fire being similar to Netflix instant movies or streaming…and that it was like $80 a year, I think. Anyways, no, I’ve never played scrabble or any game like scrabble online, but I played it as a kid. Have fun!! Enjoy the new toy!! 🙂

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