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Fill in the ____ Friday!


I love this idea and I’ve been wanting to do it for a whole week LOL  I saw this on another blog I read and thought it would be fun to try… only I realized it was not Friday anymore so I’ve been waiting all week :O)  I better hurry up or this Friday will run out too!  I just woke up from another marathon sleep session and it is late already.

Happy last day of 2011 - make it a productive one!

1.   New Years is  a great time to reflect, remember loved ones you can’t hug anymore and hug the ones you can.  It’s a great time to plan for the days ahead and challenge yourself to be more, do more, and try more.    

2.   One of my New Year’s resolutions will be  to stop using the “F- word” and no it isn’t the 4 letter word.  Read this to understand what I’m referring to because I’m getting started early.  
3.  A New Year’s resolution I’ve made in the past was to   lose weight (pick up your chin!  I know it isn’t that surprising.)  This year, since I have health challenges that make that harder, I am just going to work towards “healthier”.  I have to be realistic…. my days as a supermodel are over *sigh*
4. The most time consuming resolution I ever made was  to lose weight (it took so much time and I never made my goal)
5.  This year I will be spending New Year’s Eve  planning for 2012.  I’ll be making my list and then making it cute.  I’m going to make a 2012 journal.
6.  If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be  to feel better.  To stay awake longer so I can accomplish more.  To get to the point where I can open my home daycare without worrying about my health problems getting in the way.
7.  2012 is going to be  full of challenge, pondering and change. 

Proud of me!


I have been messing with my computer all day (Well actually I slept until 6pm so that’s actually all evening and all night) trying to get things to work right.  Usually when I have computer issues I just ask my husband who is a techie-computer geek-dude for a living.  You know, when I used to work at the bank I used to call him at the hospital where he worked to help me with computer problems because the IT guys where I worked didn’t know as much.  He always knew the answers I needed and then I’d tell them LOL  Then I got a job at the hospital too and he was always close when I needed help.  I have actually learned a lot about computer myself just from asking questions and playing around.

I couldn’t figure this problem out though so I went to ask him for help.  He was reading and taking it easy in his room.  He has to go back to work in the morning (well, really soon now) so he didn’t want to work on it.  He said he would look at it later…    He doesn’t like having to “work” on his day off.  Well, if you know me at all you know I don’t wait well..  So all day I’ve been trying to fix it myself.

A while back my laptop fried.  It was a crappy little Acer that was always freezing or going black and not turning back on.  He was always able to fix it until the screen finally fried.  It was cool actually.  The screen turned this pretty blue and then started getting these stripes in all kinds of pretty colors…. pretty but not very functional…. like a laptop shaped paperweight.  Well he was able to get the hard drive out of it and using his magical powers he connected it to the network of computers in our house.  Everything in our house is networked…. even the TV.  I think he would connect the toaster to the network if he could.  My husband bought me another laptop and set it up with my itunes.  He wanted all the music together in one place on the network to avoid duplications but my music wasn’t all there….. but I did have every crappy song everyone else in the house bought though.  My music was actually still on my ipod so I tried to upload them to itunes but I kept getting these crazy errors.  I was fighting with itunes which must have had a bug because it wouldn’t let me authorize my new laptop.  It said I’d authorized too many computers but it wouldn’t let me de-authorize any.  The button to do that wasn’t there!  There was all kinds of fighting I did with that.  Anyway, I uninstalled and re-installed and the button showed up.  So I finally was authorized and I was so thrilled!  but,  I couldn’t download the music that was on my ipod – I know how but the option wasn’t there.  That was a while back….. so today (or tonight)  I was back to trying to fix my itunes so I could sync my music.  You need to be able to sync so you can have a backup!  If I tried to sync my ipod with itunes on the computer it would always ask, “Are you sure you want to do that?  ’cause if you do we are going to delete all of your beloved music on your ipod and then laugh when you cry!”  Well, maybe not in those exact words… but pretty close.  Anyway, tonight I noticed there was an itunes update and ran it and wah-lah!  The option was there to copy the music from my ipod to my itunes.  Most of my music that wasn’t working because the file was missing was fixed but there was still some that were missing.  I spent hours looking in folders and trying to figure out where my music went before I got smart and used the “search” function!  *duh!*  I searched the main computer system for a song that was missing and found all of the missing music.  Ahhhhhhhhhh, what a relief!  Now all my music is back.

Well, since I was on a roll I decided to look at some other things too.  I kept getting these two errors on my computer but they really weren’t a big deal since it still worked fine.  It was really just annoying that they kept popping up.  Well, this newer laptop is actually an older laptop that my husband bought on eBay.  It is still way better than what I had……. and it is a laptop that he could add memory to and play with the guts of the computer.  The other laptop wasn’t designed to reopen so it could be improved later.  When he got this one he added memory and who knows what else and put windows 7 on it.  So it turned out the errors were caused by compatibility issues with Windows 7.  There was a problem with the video card and I forget what the other thing was.  There were “drivers” missing.  Well I was able to find them online and download them and now, no more errors!  I am so proud of myself.  He could have probably done all that in 5 minutes but that’s okay.

And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet


New years is upon us and it is time to think of what we want this year to bring.  I don’t really like to make lists of resolutions like most people because they are so easily forgotten and usually under the rug by the end of January.  I have made the lists before only to find them years later still in the notebook I wrote them in.  I realized that not only did I forget about them but that I pretty much made the same resolutions year after year.  So, at least it is clear to me what I want…. well on December 31st anyway.  I do make personal commitments that I work towards though.  Not like I’m going to read 100 books this year but I’m going to read MORE.  I don’t make a resolution to lose weight but a commitment to eat healthier and to exercise regularly since those things go hand in hand.  I decide what is important to me and work to make it a priority – a habit! –  during the year and most importantly I RESOLVE to never ever quit.  If I mess up I have to get back up and go again.  My piano teacher taught me that.

It takes 21 days to make a habit right?  Read this blog entry titled “A New Habit” written by Steven Aitchison on his blog called  “Change your thoughts, Change your life”.  I’ve read several things about this but usually books or magazines so this is what I found online.  Of course you could read “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Steven Covey.  I thought this article was a little funny actually.  While reading it I had this picture of trying to  “con” my conscience.   He says “If you tell your mind you want to try something for 21 days it won’t be so unwilling to co-operate.”  I was thinking…. can’t my mind read my mind?  LOL  Anyway, it’s the point that counts right?

So I’m going to work on my list (probably updating this post a few times) and use January to get started.  I’m going to use my refrigerator to remind me of what is important to me and also make a journal to keep track of my progress.

My 2012 Commitments

This year I promise myself that I will…..

  • Read the scriptures every day and pray.
  • Attend church whenever possible, even if only for sacrament.
  • Write every day (journal, blog, write poetry, write letters or send a card, write on toilet paper before I flush it… whatever it takes. [hmmm, that must be how you send a letter to hell?  ya think?])
  • Paint or draw (or play with whatever medium I choose) everyday possible (if I’m sick I’m not stressing about it)
  • Refuse to say the “F word”  (I have Fibromyalgia  and it has rearranged my life but I’m not going to let it rule me anymore.  My middle name isn’t Fibromyalgia and my blog isn’t about illness.  Subject change commencement  happening now….  Positivity deployment happening in 3-2-1….
  • Keep in touch with friends and family (write letters, email, facebook, CALL!)
  • Finish what I start (and all the things I’ve already started.) AND not to start new things before finishing what I’m working on.
  • Read more and give away my books.  I have way too many!  Buy KINDLE BOOKS!
  • Learn, develop, grow! (I can’t be a CNA anymore but I CAN do something and I still have the knowledge I gained.  I want to work with kids, I want to be an artist! and I will.)
  • Organize my stuff and stop buying new stuff until I get what I have in order.  USE what I have!  Especially YARN – holy crocheted baloney!
  • Exercise every day if I can, even if its only for 5 minutes.  Stretch when I can’t do more.
  • Eat healthy and drink water.

First off I am going to write more.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for January and blog every day.   Oddly enough, National Blog Posting Month can be any and every month of the year and I’m going to try to do every month this year.  I enjoy writing and it is very therapeutic for me.  I participated in November and really enjoyed it.  I especially enjoyed the visits and comments from other members.  Feedback is always a good thing.

I will probably join the Art every day challenge again but like I said, no stress if I’m ill that day.  I can’t help what I can’t control.

Crappy Christmas


This Christmas isn’t looking too good. I’ve been having a lot of bad days (health wise) and having to sleep a crazy amount of time. I got the tree up late but it is up and although I hate to decorate with the same colors/ornaments two years in a row that’s the best I can do. My hubby put my star on the top but my teen-aged boys aren’t interested in helping me anymore. I have several tubs of ornaments in the crawl space for different color schemes/themes but I’m not strong enough to lift them out anymore and everyone else is really big for going down there. My last tree got mangled too much from moving it in and out of the crawl space each year so last year when I bought a new tree and my blue and silver ornaments I had the guys store them on top of the shelving in the garage. So that is all I have to use for this year again. I can’t complain too much since I love my light warm glittery blue and silver with glittery snowflakes and ice cycles Christmas tree. I’m still putting decorations on it since I can’t do too much reaching at a time so I’ll take a picture when I consider it finished.

My boys are not fairing well this Christmas. They are both taking advantage of me not feeling well and when I don’t get up to make sure they get up for school they will just sleep in. They know I don’t have a car to take them to school right now. So both of them have missed a lot of school and I’ve already gotten several notices from school and finally the one I got the other day that I had to sign for was about truancy and fines.  They count all absences, even excused absences for illness or doctor’s appointments.   My oldest is a senior and I’m worried he wont graduate. That is really sad since he’s crazy smart and completely capable. He could have easily skipped a few grades and graduated already but the school district didn’t let him. So instead he got bored with school and is going into a nose dive this year. They said that kids that skip grades don’t do well since their peers would all be older and bigger and they get picked on. I wish I hadn’t listened to them now. Who knows, maybe he will make it but he sure wont get any scholarships.

My youngest son is in 8th grade this year and is doing even worse. He always has trouble at this time of year and starts failing in school because he’s not even trying! I called and got him signed up for Saturday school and he isn’t very happy about that. I also took him to the doctor (a different one this time) since I think he might get that seasonal depression that people in Alaska tend to get because of lack of sunlight. Every year that he’s been in school he does this in November. I have gotten the little booklets filled out by all the teachers in the past only to have the doctor tell me he doesn’t have ADD/HD but there is definitely something going on. Another year another doctor told me he has some kind of problem they just don’t know what or how to treat it. Another year (the year he failed the 7th grade) and said he wanted to die I took him to another doctor and they said he has a “mood disorder” and started treating him with drugs that didn’t seem to work. This year I got him in to see a doctor that people had told me in the past was really good, especially with kids like Riley. I couldn’t get him in to see that doctor before because he had closed his practice to new patients. I was shocked when I called this time and they told me he could see this doctor. I took him in and let them talk to Riley alone (since he doesn’t answer them if I’m there or he argues with everything I say) and after that they called me back. They also talked to me alone first. That is a change! They said they believe he is depressed. Wow, I was right all along! This doctor looked at what he was prescribed in the past and said he really didn’t think that was the right direction to go with him. That’s good since it didn’t work. So he prescribed something else and I was thrilled when I picked it up and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. It was only $7! Now I just have to get him to take it consistently. It takes at least 3 weeks for it to work. For now he’s been a huge butthead. Chris and I went Christmas shopping and had these great plans for presents for him but Chris said he hated to reward him for the way he’s been acting. So he decided we should wait and see how he acts for the next couple day. That same night Chris caught him playing video games at 2am. So, guess who’s gonna be singing this song this year?

Dream meanings?


Someone’s gonna have to help me with this one!

I’ve been sick so I took some cold medicine and went to bed around 4pm and slept about 15 hours. I don’t usually remember dreams but this one I did. It was really…. odd. I dreamt that I came across a box of salmon left by some drunk fisherman. Okay, not so strange since this is Alaska but it was strange that they were in a box and not a cooler LOL So one of the salmon was flipping around a bit and so I hurried and put some water in the box. Apparently this was a special waterproof cardboard box. To my surprise the salmon began swimming around in the water. So I took it to work and put it in a plastic tub full of water and tried to hide it from everyone else. Then I left the room and came back to find out someone had dumped out the tub onto the floor and somehow the water from the tub was enough to fill the room to mid shin with the door open LOL It doesn’t make any since at all!! I was frantic trying to save the salmon when I woke up.

I wonder if I didn’t happen to live in Alaska if the box would’ve had puppies or kittens in it?

I could just imagine my husband’s face if I told him I brought home a stray Salmon. Honey, I’m going to need a bigger fish tank for Sammy here. I could just imagine him smack his hand to his face and say “God, please tell me I’m dreaming!”

haha, I crack myself up. I better go back to bed.