Wishy-Washy Weather and a little Pinterest Interest


I think mother nature can’t make up her mind what she wants to do right now.  Just recently we climbed out of a cold snap of 45 below weather.  Then, we got dumped on and could barely get out of the driveway because of all the snow.  The trees were heavily laden with snow and it showered down from the branches and caught on the wind creating a curtain of white that blocked all vision.   On Sunday when I went to church it was about 42 above and windy.  The roads were wet and icy and it was a lot like driving on an ice skating rink.  Before we heading home it had begun to rain.  So the roads were much worse.  The rain froze as it hit the ground and we took the back roads home going very slow.  After I’d been home for a while I looked out the window and the snow fall was flying horizontally by my window at a really fast pace.    The wind got so strong that I kept hearing things (probably branches and maybe a few cats and dogs) hitting my roof and side of the house.  I was so scared that one of the large spruce trees would fall on my house or something would come through one of my windows.  I hate that feeling!  I always turn on some music to try to block out the screaming wind and smashing sounds from outside but just can’t shake the jumpy feeling and fear of the roof coming down on me.  The tops of the large spruce trees in the park across the street were swishing back and forth reminding me of last march when two of those trees fell.  The base of the trees were twisted and splintered.  During that same storm several people had trees fall on their houses or on nearby power lines and I had candles ready for the many power outages we experienced.

Today, school has been canceled and the wind has lessened some.  Usually they wait till 5am to decide to close school based on the rode conditions at that time but there was an accident recently involving a school bus where 6 students were injured so I think they are being extra cautious.  I don’t blame them and I would much rather know my kids are at home and safe and sound.  In the past, during dangerous weather like this, I would drive my kids to school myself rather than trust a stranger driving a long bus in dangerous conditions.  Things seem so different this morning than they did yesterday.  The trees at the park are now just swaying like giants nodding in agreement with one another.  I think they are all happy to be free of their load of snow.  There isn’t any snow left on the branches.  The bare-limbed white paper birch standing in stark contrast to the dark spruce don’t sway nearly as much as the heavily cloaked spruce trees.  They divide the darkness of the trees behind them into bite sized pieces with their thin white trunks.  There is a fine glitter-like snow flying parallel to the ground but you have to look carefully to see it.  At first glace it just looks grey outside.

The newspaper has a few article about the dangerous weather conditions.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Schools closed in Fairbanks travel advisories issued throughout Interior Alaska

I am going to snuggle up and stay inside.  I am working on a crochet-edge fleece blanket to donate to the woman’s shelter for Christmas.  On Saturday a bunch of ladies from my church and I went there to help decorate for Christmas.  Someone made a bunch of fleece blankets for the children and several of us are providing lap blankets for the women.  We are also providing stocking-stuffers and I decided that since it is easier to think of gifts for the younger kids I will be making some gifts for the older kids.  The other day I made a flower pin that I learned about on http://pinterest.com/.  It turned out really pretty and I just used things I already had on hand.  I’m going to make some more to attach to hair bands and clips.

Source: sew4home.com via Donna on Pinterest


Another idea I may try depending on how much trouble it is



And this just looks too fun not to try!  Melted crayons poured into candy molds!

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  1. We don’t get the 60-70 mph winds here but maybe once or twice a year usually. They are tree knockers, that’s for sure! Shakes the building here at anything over 40mph. I’m glad they kept the kids home and you are doing some fun stuff.

    Those pins are nice. The beaded stuff looks like it would take a bit of time and patience–especially the dragonflies–but the melted crayons just looks plain fun! What would you melt them in, though? Hummm…

    Anyways, I hope that’s the end of the crazy winds!! Stay warm and safe!! :):)

    • Things seem to have settled down. Earlier the snow was flying at one diagonal and then switched to the reverse diagonal but now things seem to have settled down. The trees are pretty still currently.

      They melted the crayons in a large tin can put inside of another pot. I would do that too.

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