Hair today…gone tomorrow


okay, maybe not tomorrow.  I love my long hair but I’ve always wanted to donate my hair so that someone going through chemo-therapy could have a wig.  I had planned on that when I first started growing out my hair and I was itching to cut it for that purpose well before it was long enough.  I’m glad I waited though because I have heard some things about Locks of Love that have made me keep my hair on my head for long after it was long enough.  Not that they are a bad charity but it wasn’t the right fit for what I wanted to do.  Locks of Love is more for people with Alopecia which is balding that can be in a small area or it can be the whole head.  It can also be permanent and it affect people of all ages, men and women.  I read several things online that I didn’t like about locks of love but I was leery of trusting information on the internet.  Then I met a lady one day that told me her daughter who has cancer was turned away by Locks of Love because she was told that after cancer treatments are finished she will regrow her hair but children with alopecia may never regrow their hair.  She also said her daughter had to write an essay about why she deserved to have a wig and that even though they didn’t have enough money to pay their medical  bills they would still be expected to pay for a wig.  Locks of Love uses a sliding scale for payment but if you are losing your house because you are so far in debt how do they decide how much someone has to pay?  I have also learned that a large percentage of the hair that is donated is sold at a cheap price to wig wholesalers to cover overhead costs.  So after this I went back to the Locks of Love website and read more.  Of course now it has been redone and I didn’t see where it says that now but I learned that they do sell the hair to wholesalers to cover their overhead.  I understand that it  may be necessary but I just can’t stand to donate my hair that I’ve been growing for years to have it sold for cheap and not used for the purpose I had intended.  There were many times I wanted to cut my hair along the way but I didn’t  because I wanted to do something that would help someone.  I wanted to color my hair but I couldn’t because they wouldn’t except it if I did.   I don’t want to help wig wholesalers, I want to help someone who really needs help.  So now my hair is really long and I still want to donate it when I cut it.  I’m trying to find out about more charities that help people with cancer.  I’m looking into Pantene Beautiful Lengths  right now which is partnered with the American Cancer Society.  I still want to learn everything I can about the program before I really commit but until then I’m enjoying the fun I can have with long hair.

I wanted to add here that even though that lady told me those things doesn’t make it true.  You can’t believe everything you hear or read on the internet.  I am not going to donate to locks of love because I know they sell a lot of the hair they receive and that I really want to help someone with cancer because that is dear to my heart.  My mom had breast cancer and wore a wig for a while and they were so expensive she couldn’t get something she really liked.  That is why I’m leaning towards the Pantene program which is connected with the American Cancer Society.  If you want to help someone with Alopecia I would call Locks of Love and talk to them about their program.

I just got my hair cut the other day.  I used a photo of Taylor Swift’s new hairstyle (left).


Of course my hair is a lot thicker and dark brown so it doesn’t look exactly the same. That’s okay with me though, I can’t dance or sing either.  I had to have them thin out my bangs a lot because they were so heavy and they still are a bit.  Now I’m going to try the sock bun for curling my hair!

Source: via Donna on Pinterest




Here is a video on youtube that explains it better

In this video she shows how to actually roll your hair up with the sock donut which you couldn’t really see if the above video.

I have tried this and it turned out so pretty!  My bangs were grown out to my chin at the time so I had them pulled back and I just don’t look very good without bangs.  I can’t wait to try this again now that I have some!

Source: via Donna on Pinterest


Here is a haircut I would like if I cut my hair although I don’t know if it would actually work with my hair since my hair has a mind of it’s own. When my hair is chin length or a little longer one side whips one direction in a large wave and the other side goes the same way.  So it looks like I’m constantly being blown away by the wind.  Even really good hair stylists have tried to fix it and couldn’t.  I would just have to cut it a little shorter or longer to avoid that.


I’ll have to post a picture of my haircut later after I’ve had some time to play with it. The family and I have all been sick so I haven’t even felt like taking a picture let alone looked like I should. I didn’t like the way the girl styled it after cutting it so I didn’t take a picture after I got home. She didn’t look much older than my 17 year old  and she said she’d had some of the same teachers so she is obviously a new hairdresser.  She took so long to cut my hair my car almost froze up in the parking lot.  My hair was already like the picture except the bangs so she took 2 hours to trim my long layers and add the bangs.  My lady that always cut my hair before doesn’t work there anymore :’O(

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  1. I honestly can’t even imagine having hair that thick. Do you know those tiny little plastic hair bands for little girls that are about a quarter inch in diameter? Well, I have to wrap them twice to have them hold in my thin, straight ponytail. And the colored wrapped bands that are like about an inch–have to wrap 4-5 times and they still slide down. Can’t imagine. I could no more wrap my hair in a sock than walk on water! LOL!

    I’m glad you are checking everything out first. You want your hair to go to the people you want it to go to–yes! Let us know what else you find out about this outfit. 🙂

    • Wow Rita, I think I need to send my hair to YOU LOL! I have enough hair to send you half and still have hair a lot thicker than what you described. My hair is thinner than it was. I used to not be able to find a hair band big enough to wrap twice around a pony tail. Once when I got a spiral perm they scheduled two stylist to work on my hair in shifts. I was in there for hours! When I turned about 35 I noticed i seemed to be shedding a lot… Then in 2008 I noticed my hands would be covered with hair when I washed it and my husband was constantly having to pull hair out of the shower drain. It was scary actually to see that much hair coming out. The doctor said that is often followed by a traumatic event and usually happens about 3 months after. Well it was 3 months after my mom died so what she said made since. My hair is still thinner than it was and I can easily wrap a pony tail but its long enough now that those large crab clips are too small. I’m curious to see how much hair I have when I get it cut.

      • LOL! Even little 1/2 inch little girl tiny crab clips fall out of my hair. Can’t even use barrettes, either. Have to put in a rubber band first to give them something to hold on to and after while the whole works starts to slip out–LOL! Headbands slide back and forth on my head and I have to constantly push them back. And then we lose our hair as we get older!! We’re the old ladies with the see-through-to-the-scalp all over our heads hair. You either live with it, buy a wig, or wear hats–ROFL!

    • Well that goes with the title of this post pretty well doesn’t it? LOL Hair today…. gone tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll ever lose all of my hair…. but I’ll think of you every time I clean out the drain. You know I’ve seen this shop on Etsy that makes little lace designs that they actually glue to a baby’s head. They are for the babies that don’t have any or very little hair. I think it’s funny. They are pretty though… maybe you should try that :OP Here is a link

  2. My hair used to be very thick until I hit my early 40’s…then I shed a lot. I miss my thick hair and would love it to be thicker than it is now. Your hair sounds like it’s very thick! I totally understand you not wanting to donate your hair to Locks of Love. It wouldn’t worry me so much if my hair was being used for people with Alopecia as my Aunt lost every bit of hair on her body in her 40’s….it was devastating for her and her hair still hasn’t grown back to this day. She wears wigs. What would concern me tho is that fact that Locks of Love sell the hair to wig makers at a cheap rate who would then turn around and make a huge profit from it….that just doesn’t seem right to me either. The Pantene program sounds like a better choice. 🙂

  3. I meant to say that the sock bun roll looks really interesting! I remember when I was a young child, my Mum would sometimes roll my hair with strips of rags to get a head of tight ringlets….think Shirley Temple. lol

    • Wow, I feel for your aunt. I’ve heard people telling the young girls and boys that lost their hair from Chemo how they should just smile and be proud…. because the beauty is in their face and they don’t really need hair to be pretty. I see their faces and know they don’t believe it. Hair is important. It is especially important at a young age to not stand out.

      You know, I tried the sock bun last night and it worked really well. it was hard at first since I have some long layers and getting them all tucked in was a little hard. It just took a couple of times to get the hang of it. I used a sock that was on the small side. I found a brand new pair of socks in one of my boys closets that was about half the size of their feet now. They were black, not too thick and worked great. My husband is still calling me bam-bam.

  4. It’s true that looks aren’t important and that true beauty lies within BUT you’re so right, Donna…’s easier said than done as far as truly believing it goes. After all, hair is part of the fashion climate, isn’t it and so many young ones are into fashion.

    LOL…re. Bam-bam comment. I went and cut my hair shoulder length again so it’s too short for the sock bun I think.

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