Focus! Focus!


That is what my husband says to me all the time.  I’m horrible at starting project after project and jumping into new hobbies one after another without finishing anything.  What can I say?  I’m a great starter… just not such a great finisher.  So today I found this simple little project on and I’m going to do it and finish it before doing anything else!

First I’m going to knit a simple icord.  It’s just 3 little stitches a bazillion times.  Sure, I can do that.. I think.    Well, after I dug through my yarn stash for something to play with and found some suitable double-pointed needles to use I realized that I couldn’t really remember how to start out so I watched this video.  It is really clear and easy to follow just don’t think you can keep up with her LOL  Just watch the video and take notes and then try it.  Really, you don’t need to take notes…. it’s only 3 stitches.

So once I have enough I’m going to make a bracelet from this Turk’s Head (Woggle Knot).

This is the pin that led me to this craziness.  I think I need one in every color of the rainbow and more.

Well, I made an icord that would loosely wrap around my hand 4 times and decided to get it a try. At first I tried using a cable pin to hold the loops so I could avoid binding off until I knew if it was long enough but the yarn still attached to the ball just got tangled up and made a mess (duh). I snipped the yarn leaving a bunch of yarn to work with if I needed to add some more stitches. Well, it wasn’t long enough so I knit until I used up all of the extra yarn until I had barely enough to bind off with. I had to use a crochet hook to help bind off actually. I ended up with 42 inches and then I tried again. Still too short!!!! So now I’m working on another length of icord and I’m just going to sew it onto the first one. Until then….

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  1. I’m sure you’ll get it long enough eventually. You’ll have to take a picture for us.
    I’m useless with the cold. Up all night. Slept all day. Zombieville. Sounds like you had a more productive day than I did. 😉

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