Dream meanings?


Someone’s gonna have to help me with this one!

I’ve been sick so I took some cold medicine and went to bed around 4pm and slept about 15 hours. I don’t usually remember dreams but this one I did. It was really…. odd. I dreamt that I came across a box of salmon left by some drunk fisherman. Okay, not so strange since this is Alaska but it was strange that they were in a box and not a cooler LOL So one of the salmon was flipping around a bit and so I hurried and put some water in the box. Apparently this was a special waterproof cardboard box. To my surprise the salmon began swimming around in the water. So I took it to work and put it in a plastic tub full of water and tried to hide it from everyone else. Then I left the room and came back to find out someone had dumped out the tub onto the floor and somehow the water from the tub was enough to fill the room to mid shin with the door open LOL It doesn’t make any since at all!! I was frantic trying to save the salmon when I woke up.

I wonder if I didn’t happen to live in Alaska if the box would’ve had puppies or kittens in it?

I could just imagine my husband’s face if I told him I brought home a stray Salmon. Honey, I’m going to need a bigger fish tank for Sammy here. I could just imagine him smack his hand to his face and say “God, please tell me I’m dreaming!”

haha, I crack myself up. I better go back to bed.

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  1. Oh, so funny! I love how dreams are not confined to logic or physics. 😉

    What is weird is that with this cold I am sleeping crazy hours and was up in the middle of the night…reading my old dream journals!! I often have fish that swim through the air in my dreams and I am the only one concerned with getting them back into their fish tanks–LOL! But I wasn’t reading about that, I was reading about my time jumping dreams. Like I’m in a car and snap I’m in a horse drawn cart in another time period.

    For a couple of years I kept a steno notebook by my bed and starting writing down dreams. I heard that the more you wrote them down the more you remembered them and it was true.

    Well, glad you slept. Have happy dreams, lady! 🙂

    • I sure did get some sleep. After I got up and went into the living room I kept catching myself dosing off so I went back to bed and slept until about 2:30 pm! I must have really needed some sleep.

      I have never dreamt about another time period. That is so interesting! That makes me think of the Magic Tree house books that my kids had when they were younger. The kids would climb up in this tree house which was full of books and they would flip to a picture and wish they were there and then they used the book to help them while they were there. My kids loved those books and just one chapter was never enough! I always wished I had a magic tree house.

      Love your Christmas card btw!

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