And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet


New years is upon us and it is time to think of what we want this year to bring.  I don’t really like to make lists of resolutions like most people because they are so easily forgotten and usually under the rug by the end of January.  I have made the lists before only to find them years later still in the notebook I wrote them in.  I realized that not only did I forget about them but that I pretty much made the same resolutions year after year.  So, at least it is clear to me what I want…. well on December 31st anyway.  I do make personal commitments that I work towards though.  Not like I’m going to read 100 books this year but I’m going to read MORE.  I don’t make a resolution to lose weight but a commitment to eat healthier and to exercise regularly since those things go hand in hand.  I decide what is important to me and work to make it a priority – a habit! –  during the year and most importantly I RESOLVE to never ever quit.  If I mess up I have to get back up and go again.  My piano teacher taught me that.

It takes 21 days to make a habit right?  Read this blog entry titled “A New Habit” written by Steven Aitchison on his blog called  “Change your thoughts, Change your life”.  I’ve read several things about this but usually books or magazines so this is what I found online.  Of course you could read “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Steven Covey.  I thought this article was a little funny actually.  While reading it I had this picture of trying to  “con” my conscience.   He says “If you tell your mind you want to try something for 21 days it won’t be so unwilling to co-operate.”  I was thinking…. can’t my mind read my mind?  LOL  Anyway, it’s the point that counts right?

So I’m going to work on my list (probably updating this post a few times) and use January to get started.  I’m going to use my refrigerator to remind me of what is important to me and also make a journal to keep track of my progress.

My 2012 Commitments

This year I promise myself that I will…..

  • Read the scriptures every day and pray.
  • Attend church whenever possible, even if only for sacrament.
  • Write every day (journal, blog, write poetry, write letters or send a card, write on toilet paper before I flush it… whatever it takes. [hmmm, that must be how you send a letter to hell?  ya think?])
  • Paint or draw (or play with whatever medium I choose) everyday possible (if I’m sick I’m not stressing about it)
  • Refuse to say the “F word”  (I have Fibromyalgia  and it has rearranged my life but I’m not going to let it rule me anymore.  My middle name isn’t Fibromyalgia and my blog isn’t about illness.  Subject change commencement  happening now….  Positivity deployment happening in 3-2-1….
  • Keep in touch with friends and family (write letters, email, facebook, CALL!)
  • Finish what I start (and all the things I’ve already started.) AND not to start new things before finishing what I’m working on.
  • Read more and give away my books.  I have way too many!  Buy KINDLE BOOKS!
  • Learn, develop, grow! (I can’t be a CNA anymore but I CAN do something and I still have the knowledge I gained.  I want to work with kids, I want to be an artist! and I will.)
  • Organize my stuff and stop buying new stuff until I get what I have in order.  USE what I have!  Especially YARN – holy crocheted baloney!
  • Exercise every day if I can, even if its only for 5 minutes.  Stretch when I can’t do more.
  • Eat healthy and drink water.

First off I am going to write more.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for January and blog every day.   Oddly enough, National Blog Posting Month can be any and every month of the year and I’m going to try to do every month this year.  I enjoy writing and it is very therapeutic for me.  I participated in November and really enjoyed it.  I especially enjoyed the visits and comments from other members.  Feedback is always a good thing.

I will probably join the Art every day challenge again but like I said, no stress if I’m ill that day.  I can’t help what I can’t control.

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  1. I make a yearly goal list. It’s more of a long to-do list for the coming year of mostly fun stuff. I usually get half or more checked off each year and that’s good for me. This year I am not sure I made a fourth of it, but some years are like that.

    For books you don’t want–have you ever heard of I hardly buy books anymore unless they are ones I want to keep, so I haven’t been active for a few years. It’s fun! People will either ask for trades or you can ask for a trade or you can release books to the wild. 🙂

    It’s about time for me to work on my 2012 goal list, too. I can still manage to do that with my cut finger–LOL! 😉

    • oh, your poor finger…. yes, I have used bookcrossing. I just haven’t used it in a while. I also use which is great. I had an account and then my husband started to worry because it was in my real name and I was leaving books at the park across the street sometimes. So I changed it to another name and haven’t used it much since then. I’ll have to do that because my books are taking over the house! I’ve never traded with someone though… just left books for people to find.

      I really like the idea of having a list like a to-do list. Good idea. I was going to start a journal and I do have a list of “projects” I had already made. I think I’ll just stick that in my journal.

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  3. Donna! Hi! I love you commitments. How are things going? We just update our tool to support habit changing activities. Not in 21 days but in 30 days. We are looking for a lot of users to test, maybe it is something for you. You can find it on Let me know what you think.

    • That sounds very interesting. I will certainly test it out and then blog about it. I am doing well at writing every day but the other things have not been as consistent.

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