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While trotting the blogusphere yesterday I found this blog called Twyste.  It’s a great blog and I’ve already gotten a few bright ideas from there.  I had already started this check list of things to do in the coming year (I got that idea from my friend Rita at Soulcomfort (another great blog).  Then I saw on Twyste that she had a “drop in the bucket list”.  I love that!  These things are pretty small compared to say sky diving or swimming with killer sting rays so that is the perfect name.  I saw some things in common on our lists too.  I finally got mine typed up today since I’m working on my 2012 journal.  My journal will be half a (8.5×11 inch) sheet of paper and right now my list is two pages long.  I’m using card stock to print my lists right now.  I don’t have a good program on this laptop for making nice documents so I’m limited to using google docs.  I can’t download anything either because I don’t have enough room.  Anyway, that will just make me have to get more creative.  But basically I’m going to be doing a lot of organizing and purging!  I am a list maker too so I actually have more lists that fall under some of these things.  I’ll save that insanity for myself.

Okay, so here is my “drop in the bucket list”  hehe

  • Make a birthday list and send birthday cards

  • Make gifts for birthday’s and Christmas

  • Clean and organize kitchen – toss odd or old dishes

  • Clean and organize dining area/sewing table Put things in tubs so they can be easy brought out and put back away

  • Clean and organize my room

  • Clean and organize my bathroom

  • Clean and organize main bathroom

  • Clean and organize front closet

  • Clean and organize linen closet

  • Organize projects (knit/crochet etc) so they can be easily pulled out to work on

  • Organize books

  • Purge books (5 books every quarter)

  • Read 1 book each month (that I already own)

  • Read every ensign magazine each month

  • Sew something for myself to wear

  • Sew a bag/purse

  • Make shower curtain for main bath

  • Clean and organize the garage

  • Paint my room

  • paint my bathroom

  • Start a daycare

  • Organize my art stuff

  • Organize sewing stuff/Project Linus

  • Organize my craft stuff

  • Organize my yarn – use stash!

  • Organize craft folders

  • Organize fabric

  • Plant a Garden

  • Donate veggies from my garden to the rescue mission

  • Super clean my fish tank once a month

  • Organize all of my music

  • Clean/de-clutter crawlspace

  • Organize pictures (digital, film)

  • Develop unprocessed film

  • Make at least one picture album

  • Paint 12 pictures that I’m proud of

  • Track and cut down on Grocery spending

  • Finish Jennifer’s baby blanket

  • Finish shawl for Penny

  • Make something for Angie’s birthday in March

  • Work on Genealogy

  • Clean up gardening junk and flower pots in back yard

  • Work on Project Linus blankets twice a week

  • Deliver Project Linus blankets every month

    The most recent blog post on the Twyste blog is about the 356 project which involves taking a picture every day.  It looks really cool.  I just signed up – a day late but I posted something for the 1st.  Check out my 365 project below.  It will probably remind you of yesterday’s post LOL

New Years Fireworks by Donna · 365 Project.

New Years Fireworks on 365 Project

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  1. Wow; you’ve got a busy year ahead of you! I think I probably need to do every one of those items too, but I’m not ready to add them all to this year’s list! Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress.

  2. I have some friends who are doing the 365 project; it’s fun to see their photos. I wish I could do it but I know I’d fail.

    • You know, you could still do it. Even if you miss a day here or there… it is still neat to see everyone’s pictures. There was someone on there in Spain and I started following them and they added me. It is so cool to see pictures of GREEN grass and trees that were taken on the same day I took pictures of solid frozeness.

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