It’s only -26 F outside right now…  brrr.  I actually went outside for a minute because I really wanted to take a good picture for my picture project.  I bundled up in my huge puppy parka and probably looked like a freak outside in my furry hooded parka, pink pajama pants and fuzzy black house slippers.  I took several pictures but the sky is really kinda grey and clouded over.  I ended up using this one…  I really like the wood grain.  It’s not a bad picture considering I used my iphone.

Fence post  on 365 Project

The first thing on my new years list that I’ve been really focusing on  is sorting through my music.  I’m going through my itunes list.  My husband has the whole house networked and moved everyone’s music into one place.  My last computer suddenly fried so when he set up my itunes on this one he dumped ALLLLLLLL of the music into it.  Many of the files are duplicated….sometimes 3 or 4 times.  Now I know that means that there are probably duplicate FILES that are taking up space but I’m not taking that on right now.  I’m just trying to put some order to my music, get rid of all the crappy music I didn’t download and change all the genre’s to what I like them to be.  I don’t need 500 different genres.  It’s actually been fun listing to music the past several days…..except for when I’ve spaced out and not really been listening for the last  hour or so and have to go back.   I’ve deleted a lot already and I’ve found some damaged files.  I have learned that I really detest R&B but that I just can’t delete Alicia Keys.   I just wonder who downloaded that if I didn’t hmmmmm?   I’ve also been going through paper stuff still.  I ended up taking a huge siesta yesterday and not finishing.  I need to get my table back.

I did start reading a book.  One of the things on my list is to read one book that I already have every month and to then part with said book.  I’m reading The Chase by Clive Cussler.  A friend of mine was reading some of his books and commented in how great they were.  I checked them out and they look really good….all of them.  I have this crazy hang up that I can’t read a book out of order even if the books don’t have to be read in order like these.  I also want to have every book in a series before I start.  In the case of Clive Cussler he has several different series that all look good so I have been hording his books trying to complete the entire collection before I start reading.  So I have this copy paper box full of his books and I still don’t have them all because I’m broke and buying them all second hand.  The first book I grabbed was actually “The Wrecker”.  It has a really interesting cover and I thought it was the first in that series.  I grabbed it and a cup of tea and ran a hot bath.  I got cozy and opened the book and read the quick synopsis on the first page.  Then, right below that was this reviewer saying the previous book was really good.  UGH, I got the wrong book.  I tried to talk myself into reading it anyway since everyone has told me they can be read in any order but no….  I had to get up, grab my robe and find the right book.  So far The Chase is looking really good.

My journal isn’t finished yet because I need my table.  I have pieces and parts and really want to work on it.  I’ve got a lot to do.  It’s a good thing I have a whole year.

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  1. I like your picture. I’m always impressed by the quality of the iPhone’s pictures. Your iTunes project sounds like a good one for me too; maybe next year.

    • Thanks, I am liking this project and I’m glad I signed up. I really want to switch to my little Fuji digital camera but I can’t find it. It has macro and I love using that feature. I’m sure I’ll find it with all the organizing I’m doing. I’m really curious to see the difference in the quality of the pictures.

    • Kelly, it is really pretty. That is one of the reason I love my house… I look out my front windows at a park across the street. So that means there are no houses on the other side of the street…. just trees and a little bit of playground equipment that no one really uses during this time of year. So I sit on my cozy couch and see this beautiful scene out the window…. like my personal snow globe. Good thing I don’t have to shake my house because it’s always snowing or already snowy LOL Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You have way more snow than we do. 😦 It just feels wrong that we have barely any snow and now we’re supposed to have days lingering around 30s and low 40s! What little we have will melt! So strange for January. We’re supposed to look like you do.

    Boy you’ve really been organizing and getting a lot done–whoohoo!! You go, girl!

    I’m shot from being out two days in a row and now, if I am up to it, Leah and I will go shopping tomorrow night, too. I sure hope I can manage it because it’s the only night she has to do it for another week.

    Happy decluttering!! 🙂

    • Rita, feel free to pull up a truck and take a load or 5 out of my driveway LOL You know you should have seen the trash I through away today. I filled a whole trash bag with paper! :Hope you get to go shopping… nothing is worse than missing something fun when those things never happen enough anyway.

  3. I want snow so bad – but only for one day, and then it all needs to melt overnight! Also, I completely agree about not reading books out of order! OCD! Great blog!

  4. I wish I could give you all of my snow but I can’t guarantee that it will melt on demand. I’m glad someone is on my side with the book order thing. My kids always said I was like Monk.

  5. Hello. You found my blog from the NaBloPoMo and I decided to check yours out. What a beautiful snow picture. I love snow. Here in Indiana we had a little bit but today the sun came out and it’s gone. Anyway nice to “meet” you.

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