I am loved


My husband came home last night with the prettiest flowers.  They are bright and cheerful and I love them!
I'm loved on 365 Project


A friend came over too.  We had a nice visit.  It was a really good day.  I think I over did it though because today I slept  in till noon and woke up with my back hurting.  I went out to the living room and fell asleep on the couch.  Now it’s 10:15 pm and my back is still really hurting.  I’m not sure what’s up with that.    Hopefully it will start feeling better soon.

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  1. What beautiful flowers! And how nice to have a visit with your friend. Worth the pain, sounds like. 😉 I hope you are feeling better by now. I get terrible back and shoulder pain, too. Just being out for 3 hours two days in a row knocked me down for days. And sometimes I have no clue what caused it. What strange lives we lead, right? LOL! Hope you’re better, too!! 🙂

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