I’m so Blue


I haven’t been feeling well and I finally went to the doctor.  Of course they never know what is wrong with me but my husband was worried.  I’ve been having some really bad back pain.  So now I have some huge horse pills to take “just to see”…. and they said it could be kidney stones which I have had before.  On the way home the 200 speed bumps in my neighborhood really smarted.  I’d like to kill the speed demons who caused those.  Anyway, while I was out and about I snapped this picture from the truck window.  I used camera+ to add a little blue cast since it seemed so fitting.

I've got the blues on 365 Project

I was working on my headband today and thought I would finish but when I got to the required number of rows it was nowhere near big enough so I’ll keep on going and hopefully finish tomorrow.  I have to go up 2 hook sizes from what she used because my headband was only 2 inches wide…. it still isn’t as wide as the one pictured.  It looks great though and most people could probably whip this thing right out in a few hours but I just can’t concentrate on it when I don’t feel good.


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  1. That’s a mystical picture of the blue tree! Love it!
    Sorry you are having to take horse pills. I hope it’s nothing to worry about and not the kidney stones–awk!
    I am catching up, as you know. I’ll have to look and see if you got your headband finished. Hope you’re feeling better, too. 🙂

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