I’ve been busy


I feel better then I did yesterday so I’ve been into all kinds of things.  I had a little fun taking a picture for my 365 project.  I was cleaning off the chessboard and decided to create a little royal trouble.

The Queen with the wrong King on 365 Project

As you can see the white queen is seen with the wrong king…. by the white king himself.  He is not happy and I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t get locked in the royal dungeon.  I used the camera+ ap on my iphone and it has some neat effects.  

I also created a facebook page and I’m going to be posting paintings and things that I’ve knit, crocheted or tatted.  If you trade ATC cards let me know there too.  I’d be happy to do some trading.  I’ll be posting some of my cards there too.  Hopefully I can make a little money by selling some things and make some new friends along the way.  I haven’t posted anything yet.  That will take a little time.  If you look on the side bar there is a like me box.  So far I am not feeling the love *pout*  so please hit that “like” button.  

I also added a goodreads.com widget to my side bar.  I’ve never seen that widget before.  Now you can see what I’m reading and just how slow I’m going.  The thing I like the most about goodreads is that I can post a quote I like on the page it is located.  Then when someone looks up that book they see those quotes.  

Okay, so the NaBloPoMo blog prompt for today is an interesting one.  

What is your earliest memory?

For the longest time I thought I was having a reoccurring dream.  At first I just got this quick glimpse of a house…. sometimes I saw an old truck loaded up with stuff…… and a little people chicken far below the porch beyond reach.  I could see it through the spaces in the porch.  These quick glimpses came to me every now and then and usually I felt terribly upset like I wanted to cry but it wasn’t like a movie…. it was more like photographs.  I always woke up wondering what that was about because it wasn’t like a normal dream. Then one night I saw more of it and it was more connected….. and I heard my sister yelling my name….. she yelled “Donna, come one! Get in the truck!”  So I called my sister and she told me that it was a memory and not a dream.  She said  I was 3 years old and that was my (maternal) grandma’s house.   She said I carried that chicken around all the time and dropped it and it went between the boards of the porch into the chicken coop below.  No was going to go get it cause it was stinky and they were in the truck all ready to go.  I just kept crying and didn’t want to go without my chicken.  After my sister explained this I started to see more of it but it was still like still scenes.  This probably explains why I never wanted to share the chicken when I was in preschool/kindergarten.  

Okay, one last thing.  Did you know you can get a free song by The Band Perry through itunes by checking out this link?  I just downloaded it and it is the song called All Your Life from their current album named after themselves.  I gave it 4 stars :O)

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  1. I don’t do facebook, so I can’t help you there.

    I actually wrote a story about my earliest memory. In college I had no clue what to write about (too much life experience–LOL!) so the professor suggested–what about your earliest memory. If you go on my stories blog–it’s Mommy and That Baby. I was almost three–about the same age as your first memory of the chicken!! 🙂

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