Crochet allergies


Cherub  on 365 Project

This is my photo for my 365 project.  A close up of my little garden cherub that I kept inside instead so it wouldn’t get dirty.

So, I was crocheting last night when I had an allergic reaction.  I couldn’t figure out what I was allergic to but I had to take something and go lay down.  Of course I couldn’t sleep since I was trying to scratch myself bloody.  I know I’m allergic to cats but I don’t have one….. and I haven’t allowed Garfield over either.  Since I didn’t use any soaps I’m allergic to and nothing is able to pollinate since it’s all FROZEN… it must be cat hair.

I started itching so bad I thought I was going to claw my skin off.  It was so bad I look like a lobster and felt like a basketball!  My eyes were red and burning and the edges of my eye lids itched.  I jumped in the shower and then slathered lotion all over my irritated skin and it finally started to sooth.  I’m sure the benadryl was kicking in about then.  I racked my brain for causes and couldn’t think of anything.  Of course sometimes I can be a little dense.    Last night I was working on that “wool-eater blanket” and after I got the first row finished with the pink yarn I used for my headband I went into the garage to look for another color.  I have a bunch – several large tubs full – that have been donated for Project Linus.  That isn’t counting the large tubs that are mine.  Anyway, I went looking for bright colors to add to this blanket and I didn’t even think that they could have been donated by someone who has a cat.  The last time this happened (the same thing) was when someone donated a bunch of magazines and pattern books.  I was sorting through them and separating the useful material from the doily patterns and suddenly started itching.  So, I’m a bit surprised that this happened to me again…. and I didn’t figure it out.

Anyway, this morning when I got up I popped a benadryl and went to work on my blanket some more.  (I always wash the blankets before giving them to a child)  I learned a lot when I started this pattern yesterday.  I’ve never made anything like this before.  I started off making these shells and then turned around and did the same on the other side making circles.  I took it out several times playing with different size hooks until I found something that I liked.  You have to be really careful to make sure there isn’t too much of a gap between the stitch you are making and the last one when you are making the triple crochet stitches or it leaves a sloppy looking bump on the back.  So I took this out and started over many many times trying to get it right.  I started out using a size H hook but I didn’t like the large holes in the centers of the circles (see pictures).  I ripped it out and switched to a size G hook which is kind of small for the yarn but is easier for making those triple crochet stitches.  The holes are still there but smaller.  Then I started adding a row of blue (which I now can see has white cat hair on it)  You connect the yarn just like you do with a new color in a granny square but then it says to make a “Cluny”.  I had to look that up.  I thought a Clooney was a handsome older fellow.  He wouldn’t be very helpful with this pattern though… kinda distracting actually.  So I googled it.  Apparently a “Cluny” is a cluster of stitches that are all finished off at the same time.  It is used a lot in making lace.  So when you make the required number of triple crochet stitches you leave the last loop of each stitch on the hook.  At the end you yarn over and pull through all of them – making a handsome stitch :O)

Here is a picture of all of the stitches with he last loop of each still on the hook.

Then, I yarned over and pulled through them all to get my cluny cluster.

This row is only half of the actual stitch.  I think the colors look pretty together.

I really like how the new row makes the pink circles turn into diamonds.  I am currently working on the second row of blue which makes the blue look like rows of circles like what the pink looked like in the beginning.  I’ll have a picture tomorrow.  If you are interested in trying this pattern it is on Sarah London’s Website.

Well, the NaBloPoMo Prompt today is

Tell us about the first time you were in love.

…but I already wrote about when I met my husband and so it’s the same story :O)  No one else ever got even close to that.

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  1. Wow! I won’t ever allow you in my front door or you’d scratch yourself to death!
    Clooney—he has remained a handsome devil all these years.
    The first time I fell in love I was a senior in high school–16 years old, a year ahead, honor student–and he winked at me from across the lunchroom–18 years old, held back a year because he’d been in Red Wing (correctional facility for delinquents). I knew instantly he wasn’t really the bad boy image he hid behind and felt like I already knew him. It was all in our eyes. 😉

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