It’s Friday


I haven’t been feeling well but I’ve been trying to fix that. I decided to pamper myself today. That always makes me feel better. Today was a day for my tough guns though since this is the 2nd day with no pain patch. It was my own fault though for not paying attention and letting my prescription run out. It wasn’t done today though so now I’m thinking I have to wait all weekend. It’s a good thing I have some left over medicine from a surgery or I’d be sitting in their laps. I used my favorite nail polish and painted my toes which for some reason seem to keep getting further and further away. I’m exhausted.

Pampering myself on 365 Project

I know, I have big feet don’t I?  But isn’t that a beautiful color of polish?  I didn’t actually paint my finger nails because then I wouldn’t be able to read or crochet until they dry.  I wouldn’t  be able to pet my sweet puppy either and that would be so sad.

Blue relaxing in my lap and nudging my hand every time I try to type.

I did work on the wool eater blanket a little but not as much as I’d like.  My hands are really achy.  I have spent a lot of time on pinterest and browsing the internet for more things to pin.

The NaBloPoMo Prompt for today is..

Which do you enjoy more – the start of a book or the end?  The middle.  Not all books but I’d say most start off slow….  “On a dark and stormy night”….  Anyway, sometimes I can’t seem to really get into a book until until a chapter or two in.  The middle is where is gets exciting!  That’s the meat of the story you know?  The ending is always sad to me because, unless it’s a series, that is the END….  And endings are sad.  That’s when I start wondering what happened to so’n so and what about the creepy dude that wasn’t actually the killer? Isn’t someone going to do something about him too???    What about that matchbook left on the table that was a clue to where to find the bad guy’s location?  Isn’t someone going to put those away before a kid burns down the whole place? You know, all of those millions of questions I always have.

Okay, I think I’m going to go get my watercolor pencils out and make some ATC cards.  I’m doing a swap with a group and we are doing ladybugs.  I have a idea brewing so I better get moving.


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  1. LOL! Does that mean you mostly read mysteries or suspense or detective novels? If it’s a good book I hate them to end, too. But what part I like the best depends on the author and what type of book I am reading. Some authors start strong with a great hook but most often disappointingly end weak (Stephen King). Some subjects grab me from start to finish. Some are milling books to make me think and the scattered parts where I have light bulb moments are the best ones. Of course–short stories and collections are each something on their own. Ahhh! Books. I don’t read enough. I’ve been away from it again for a while. Just have a couple books going very, very slowly. Not been devouring, you know?

    I hope you show us the ladybug ATCs! 🙂

    • Well actually I DO read mostly Mysteries or suspense or detective novels LOL I love to read and never had enough uninterrupted time. I’ll post my ladybug card tomorrow along with the other card I had done in Sept which just happened to have a ladybug in it LOL

  2. Loooove the polish and your pup! My cat is big on nudging my hand while I’m typing as well but it’s love right? So we can’t complain. Happy you carved out some pampering time and that you have something for pain. Feel better!

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