Lazy Sunday


I woke up really late today feeling like I was 90.  My whole body hurt and I have a sore throat.  You should feel sorry for me.  My back was really hurting and I think it was from laying in bed too long so I took something and stretched my back, did a very slow 25 minutes on the stationary bike while I tried to concentrate on reading… read maybe a paragraph, then I stretched a little.  I don’t know how much it helped and how much the drugs kicking in helped but I suspect it was more the drugs than anything.

Anyway, I was trying to crochet when my husband came home from work.  I was going to cook a pizza today but my husband did it instead since I wasn’t feeling well.  The pizza was so good!  Yum.  Riley is still moping from yesterday and even though we had some yummy pizza he wouldn’t come out.  He is very mad at his dad.  Oh well..  A little later he finally came out and got some.

Here is my picture for my 365 Project.  It is an oil painting I did when I was about 15 or so.  I found it at my mom’s house when we went down for the funeral.

Art on 365 Project


Well tomorrow should be better.  I found out my prescription did get done but for some reason they didn’t fax it to my pharmacy and it’s at the clinic for me to pick up.  Of course I didn’t find that out until they were closed.  Tomorrow my husband is going to pick me up so we can go pick it up and get it filled.  He said we could also go to the Thai House for lunch!  YUM!  My favorite!

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  1. I can relate! Every day I wake up I feel like I’m 90. I need an hour or two to “thaw out” to discover how bad the day really is going to be. Some days don’t get any better (painwise) and some days do after an hour or two.

    What a bright yellow sky! Did you do this for art class or on your own back then? Did you use a photo reference? I think this is really good for being so young! 🙂

    Glad you will finally get your patches and get to go to the Thai House! 🙂

    • This was probably on my own. I did have a teacher at school that was trying to teach art but wasn’t that good. She would forget to tell you important things and then say… “oh you should have done that that way” She was just someone who had painted some. Anyway, she got me started and told my dad that I was really good. My dad was a real scrooge with his money but she gave him a list of oil painting supplies and told him I needed those things.and it was an order. My penny pinching dad spent over a hundred on those things and I saw him cringe when he saw the total. I painted a picture of some old English roses and it came out great except for this one roses center was hard to do. I could never get it right. That painting was my mom’s favorite and it still hangs at their house.. After that one I painted this after watching Bob Ross on PBS. I think the picture was from a magazine. I can’t remember exactly but I always paint from a picture.

      I can’t wait to get those patched so I can go back to feeling somewhat normal. I’m going to make a small list to keep track of refills and when to renew a prescription so this doesn’t happen again!

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