Chicken…it’s what’s for dinner


The other day I got some recipe cards in the mail.  I did what I always do and took out the recipe cards and tossed the junk.  I never sign up for stuff like that since there are plenty of recipes online.  Ever heard of  Or Google? I have a box of recipe cards in a cabinet somewhere from a similar thing….actually, they are VERY similar.  The thing is the recipe cards never stop.  They will keep sending them to you and if, I mean, WHEN needed you can get more cool clear boxes to store them in until you find a trunk or need another house to store them.  There isn’t anything wrong with the recipes but I would rather store them online in a searchable database and leave some space for the chicken.

Well, when I got around to looking at the recipes I found a couple I really wanted to try.  Tonight I made “Crunchy Chicken Tenders” and they were really good!  The recipe cards are by Everyday cooking my way just in case you want to buy a new house to house some new recipe cards….or, you can just snag those free ones like I did (and scan them).  I was going to check and see if these are just an updated version of the recipe cards I collected when I first got married (20 years ago) but I can’t remember which cabinet I stuck them in.


Yum, chicken! on 365 Project

I completely forgot to make the dip but I’ll do that next time.  I have enough ingredients to make this again and I WILL make this again since everyone in my family actually ate the same meal for once.   There is also another recipe I really want to try.  My husband can’t wait.


The NaBloPoMo Prompt for today is….

How do you feel about not finishing a book once you’ve read a few chapters?

I can’t not finish the book unless it is REALLY REALLY REALLY bad.  Otherwise I will always wonder if I missed something and it could POSSIBLY get better at some point.  AND, no matter how bad the story is I HAVE to know how it ended.  There have been times when I’ve stuck it out and ended up really enjoying the ending.  There have, of course, been other times when I just told everyone to never read it, removed any evidence that I touched it and donated it to a thrift store in case some poor unsuspecting soul might actually like it.  There has only been one book that I didn’t finish and it hit the wall on the other side of the room before the end of the first chapter.  I’m not telling what book it was since I don’t remember.  So, what about you?  Do you ever STOP reading a book?

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  1. Looks good if I still ate meat. I used to eat a lot of chicken. Lately I’ve been thinking of eating fish once in a while. Been a couple years since I’ve been vegetarian. Been thinking about salmon and tuna lately. About a year about it was chicken and I ate it once and the craving went away.

    Anyways, books. I’m a lot like you. Had to be a dreadful book for me not to finish it. The past few years, though, I’ve gotten bagfuls of these chick mysteries from my cleaning girl, Caroline. I don’t give them more than 3-5 chapters and if they are really poor I will quit. I think they’ve gotten to be all so similar that, even though I am reading other books at the same time and just fitting these in between, I can’t see wasting my time. But, other than that…it takes a lot for me not to finish a book once I’ve started. I’ve probably only not completed (other than the chick mysteries…oh, and when my aunt sent me bags of romance novels years ago–same thing) what could be counted on one hand. Obviously I do get tired of formulaic novels–especially if they are poorly written. What bothers me the very most is poor logic…characters that shift on you or act idiotically or events or facts that don’t even fit together…like nobody even proofread the book, you know? The story has got to make some sense and at least be halfway believable.

    Anyways, glad you’re feeling better. I love! 🙂

    • Oh yeah, I hate it when things aren’t believable or a character who was written to be a bad guy suddenly turns into a good guy and it is so unbelievable like someone who was so morally twisted (ax-murderer/baby killer) has a change of heart and does something good. I hate it when the good guy is too good too. There has to be some challenge…… and he should get shot at least once… you know, winged, grazed…. whatever. Scars can be sexy LOL Sometimes when the the “good guy” is too perfect I find myself rooting for the bad guy.

      Hey, so when did you become a vegetarian and was it for health reasons? Did you notice any differences in your health? I had a doctor recommend I go vegetarian because he felt it might help my arthritis and other health problems (trying not to say the F word) He told me to not eat anything that “had a mother or came from something that had a mother”. I eat a lot of veggies anyway but the thing that holds me back the most is turkey. I LOVE to have a turkey sandwich every now and then. I also like eggs once in a while but I could really go without missing meat for a long time other than that. He recommended I read The China Study and some other books I can’t remember right now…. I bought the China Study on my kindle but I didn’t finish it. It was pretty dry stuff. I’ll have to get back to reading that at a much later date.

  2. It will be two years in April I believe–and I did it just because I watched the documentary Earthlings. When you see what we do to the animals we eat…just couldn’t eat them anymore. Personally, I haven’t noticed any difference at all with pain, fibro, OA, weight, or anything. But then I still eat dairy and sweets–and you don’t get thin on pasta and rice, either–LOL! Hard when you can only order food once a month and have a very small food budget.

    I’ve heard of that book–the China Study–but haven’t read it. There are a lot of books out there. What I should do is cut out the sweets! My downfall. 😉

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