I’m having a day


First, it was really bad.  I woke up feeling awful….. at NOON!  I went to bed kinda late last night but before midnight so I really didn’t expect to wake up after noon.  I’ve been having a lot of problems with my eyes burning.  I get really dry eyes and I have special drops and this gel stuff that I put in my eyes at night.  Apparently it’s part of the Fibro fun.  It’s getting worse though and for the last few days I haven’t been able to see very well so I couldn’t read my book.  Grrrrrr

Okay, so then I took some stuff and after a while started to feel better.  Yay.  I started thinking about Valentine’s Day and what I could do for my husband this year since I have no money.  I need to get creative.  My husband isn’t into the cheesy stuff so I need to think of something sweet, unique and cheap.  Hmmmmmm  anyway, I ended up going pinterest crazy.  I pinned about a million things today.  I was going to put some here but couldn’t decide which ones and there are a lot.  So you can click here to check out my pin board called “My Valentine So Sweet“.  If you need an invite to pinterest just holla!  Of course I didn’t find what I was looking for……  but I will figure it out.

Then, when I decided I wanted to watch American Idol my TV wouldn’t work….. you know the TV that is networked to the whole house.   I wish I could just turn on cable and watch TV like normal but noooooooooooooooooooooooo.  I was so bummed because this is the first year I have ever watched American Idol while it’s going on.  I’ve only watch youtube after it was over…… sometimes years later LOL  I actually just watched the last two years this winter…..backwards.  Not actually backwards but I watched 2011 first and then I watched 2010.  Of course I didn’t see nearly as much as there was since youtube deletes everything.  Anyway, I was pretty upset that I couldn’t watch the show but my kids told me to just wait because it looked like it was being recorded.  It was set to record as a backup.  That was a good idea!  Well, after the show was over and recorded my kids started working on it and now at almost midnight it is actually working!  So, I can finally watch American Idol today…. and tomorrow since it will be past midnight when it’s over.

So, bad day……… good day….. bad day…..good day…. done!!!!!!!!

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