Love Notes


What time is it?  Can you just hear that line from that Jason Mraz song?  Well today I was all set to watch American Idol at 8pm and ran my kids off so I could have the TV and everything….. only to find out it isn’t Wednesday!!!!  It’s still Tuesday ARGH!  Okay, so I’ll have to wait another day to watch American Idol but I don’t really want to watch anything else on TV right now.  I’m feeling a bit stoned since my doctor changed my medication.  I started this new drug when my husband came home with it and after about 5 – 10 minutes I started feeling high.  So I don’t really want to work on anything complicated.  I just need to sit here and stare into space or munch on cookies hehe

I’ve been thinking about February.  I still need to come up with something to do.  I think I am going to put a note or quote or saying or something somewhere for him to find each day until Valentine’s Day.  I don’t have any money to buy him a gift since I have fibromyalgia and can’t work anymore.  I’ll just have to get really creative and I have 13 days to think of something.  The first “love note” I’m going to put on the dash of the car for him to find in the morning.  After all, my husband is the glue that holds me together.  I’ve been dealing with a lot since I started having the fibromyalgia pain and all the other annoying problems that go with it.  When I was so out of it with the pain before they figured out what was wrong my husband went with me to every doctor appointment.  He did whatever he could to make me comfortable and to try to make me smile.  He bought flowers and cute pajama’s when I couldn’t even get out of bed.  He was with me though all of it.  He has always been very supportive.  But that isn’t the only time….or the only way.

I’ve never been very confident in myself.  Whenever I think, “wouldn’t it be cool to……”, he just said, “Do it!  I know you can!”  When I wanted to go back to school to get a business degree in finance he pushed me to “do it!”  When I suddenly realized I really wanted to help people more than chomp numbers he supported me.  I decided to take the class to be a CNA and some other medical related classes.   He said, “go for it!”  He happily paid for the classes even after the car kept breaking down and we had to put a lot of money into getting a new one.  I got the job I wanted and loved it for the time I got to do that.  Now I can’t work anymore and he is still supporting me.  He’ll come home with flowers out of the blue.  No real reason other than he just wanted to see me smile.

He’s a heck of a man but he doesn’t care about all of the goofy stuff that people do for Valentine’s Day.  I can’t let it just go by though.  I tell him all the time how much I love him but I think putting it down on paper cements it.  That is something he can keep and if he ever doubts it all he has to do is look at one of my “love notes”.

The first one will be a quote

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made
~Robert Browning from the poem Rabbi Ben Ezra
So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  I’m curious…. if you are single, do you do anything for yourself on V Day?  Or do you pretend not to notice all of the roses, candy and cards at the stores?

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  1. Been single for 19 years. Don’t pay any attention to it. I barely did when I was married or had a boyfriend. Just seemed so commercial to me and I didn’t have guys that were into anything romantic, I guess. Not that I didn’t get the occasional Valentine’s gift…but I’ve just never been into it, I guess. I appreciate the random, for no reason, just because stuff. Now THAT will melt my heart. 🙂

    Don’t know if I should say glad you’re feeling better or not. Do you have less pain? Or just so stoned you don’t care? LOL! 😉

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