Daily Archives: February 2, 2012

Journaling and another “love note”


I made another love note during the night and left it for my husband to find.  He really liked the first one and actually thanked me twice!  Little does he know he’ll be getting 12 more!  LOL

This time I was reflecting how he has stuck by my side though some really rough times for me.  I know it isn’t easy for him.  I’ve read stories or seen things on TV about how someone gets sick with cancer or other major illness and their loved ones leave them because it is too much to handle.  I was thinking about how lucky I am to have someone who is committed like he is.  He is amazing.  I decided to make another scroll with a quote from a book I know he loves – Lord of the Rings.

“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.
But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now
mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

To see more details on how I made this check out my blog post The Making of a Love Note.  This time I used a cream/tan colored parchment heavy cardstock.  I wrote the quote in brown and used the brown stamp pad to distress the edges and then I also added some gold to the edges using a stamp pad.  If you put the cardstock face down on the stamp pad and press in a few random areas with your fingers (making sure to keep the edges of the stamp pad from touching because it will leave a line) it leaves neat looking blotches that make the paper look older.  Use two different colored stamp pads to give it extra character – like two shades of brown – as long as it’s not too dark to still use the paper to write on. . I did the back too since that is what shows when it is rolled up.    I used a small stamping up tag punch to make a tag with his name so there is not doubt who it’s for.  I did that for the last one too.  It occurred to me that he might just assume it was something of mine and not even look at it.  I’m glad I thought of that in time.  I actually put some gold on the wooden handles too so it looks a little more like a royal scroll.  He actually just called me to tell me thanks :O)

On another note: I think the medication change is helping some.  I feel somewhat better pain-wise but I also feel a little out of it.  It’s only been two days though so maybe things will even out.   I sure hope so.  I don’t want to be a space cadet all the time.

I’ve been working on my journal for 2012 that I’m combining with the SOAR journal class at Just Be Yourself.  I’m doing loose pages and using loose binder rings to join them.  It looks a little funny right now because there are so few pages and the rings are so big.  I haven’t made the cover yet.  I’m also planning to add some printed art from the SOAR class but I can’t print right now since my printer is out of ink.  I’ve left some blank areas to add some of those things though.  I found an old journal that has lined paper with a pretty lime green edge on the outside edge.  I didn’t use it much for a journal since the cover isn’t something I want to be seen with LOL  It has this big frog with long eyelashes that have rhinestones on the tips and big pink kissy lips!  My teen-aged sons can’t even stand to be in the same room with it.  They always turned it face down LOL  The paper is perforated though and just slightly shorter than one of my journal pages so I’m going to use that paper for the actual writing.

Since January is over now I just scanned my blog entries for the whole month and then summarized the more important things.  I was surprised that I wrote as much as I did!  I had to glue two pages together because the pen I used bled through but that will make them sturdier too.  Now I’m going to start writing a journal entry for lesson 1 of the SOAR class.  I want to go through the first 4 classes quickly and get caught up with everyone else.  I don’t have to though since I know anyone can join at any time.

My oldest son, Jared, who is a senior this year said he missed the bus again.  I’m starting to think he is just planning some extra days off from school since he already did that once.  Both times he said he was watching for the bus and they didn’t come.  The last time I called the bus company and they radioed the bus driver.  He said he was at that stop right on time and gave the exact minute he was there.  This time I told my son BS!  I called him a cab.  They are going to call me when he gets there and my husband and I are going to have a pow-wow with him when he gets home from school.

My younger son, Riley, is actually doing better in school now.  My husband made sure to brag to me that some of his grades are close to A’s now.  He wants to make sure Riley doesn’t just hear negative stuff.  He actually had a pretty good talk with Riley about how he is always beating himself up about not being as good at things as his brother.  Jared is really smart – book smart – reads at an advanced level and remembers everything so he never has to study.  He’s always been in gifted and talented classes gets to do more fun things that Riley can’t because he didn’t test high enough.  Riley has to work harder to get good grades but his dad told him that he could actually do better in school than his brother because it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you don’t put in the time and effort.  Riley grades have continued to go up since then and he told his grandmother he was going to catch up with his brother in school.  Although I don’t really like them being pitted against each other I think this is a good thing for Riley’s ego.  Riley is much more motivated now.  He has gone from failing to almost honor roll!