Love sick… or just plain sick


Yeah, I’m just plain sick.  It turns out that I actually have the flu.  UGH!  Why do I get flu shots again?  Apparently it is just so they can poke me with needles.  I’ve had a fever over 100 degrees for the past few days.  I take medicine and it goes down and then I wake up shivering/sweater with a fever again.  My husband just left to pick up some more medicine.

The last love note I made with the sticky note has been our favorite so far.  I say “our” because we both keep passing it back and forth.  That’s the one that said, “I’m glad I picked you out” and it has been moving back and forth between his and my side of the bathroom.  Last time I went in there and didn’t see it I found it on the inside of the cabinet on a bottle of lotion.

Since I’ve been so sick the last few notes have been really simple since I haven’t been feeling very crafty.  I just used some cute sayings I found on Pinterest.  Yesterday’s note I wrote on a small card I had that is about 2″ square.   It just has a butterfly on the front and has a small blue envelope.  Inside I wrote what is on the pin below…


When I got up I didn’t see it so I wondered what he did with it. Then I opened my side of the medicine cabinet and it was slid into my little plastic rectangular basket thing that I think is for pencils. It was opened and facing out so the words could be seen. I think that is his way of saying, “back at’cha”.

For today’s note I used a square note card with a grey-blue border around it. It doesn’t open up. It’s just a simple card. I wrote on it another phrase I got from pinterest… see below.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

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  1. Donna, I’ve really been enjoying reading about all your love notes! You are BOTH very blessed. I may steal a few of your ideas too, if that’s okay!

  2. Ha! Love it and hope you’re feeling better. Hey, because I have commitment issues, I think I’m opening my blog up for a week of guest posts starting on Leap Day. Would you be interested in doing one? Let me know. Thanks!

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