Today was a payback day…. for having such a good day yesterday.  That happens a lot with fibromyalgia.  Yesterday I did a lot of walking around, shopping and going to restaurants.  I felt great all day but this morning I woke up tired.  I couldn’t concentrate and could not get warm.  I ended up going back to sleep and slept till after 1pm.

I did talk to my sister a long time today.  My sister makes me so happy.  It never fails, when I feel bad or down, I call my sister and she perks me right up.  I miss her so much.

I laid down for several hours and then just got up to watch American Idol.  Some of the cuts they made broke my heart.  Especially after they made it through after their performance and then they had to go back and make some more cuts.  I was really surprised that they cut Candice Glover.  She was really, really good!  I mean, if she had an album I would buy it!  I think they made a mistake.  Candice has a killer voice and I’m just going to sit back and wait for her to reach full glory.

Okay, tomorrow is going to be a better day for me.  I’m going to rest up and get ready to tackle the day tomorrow.

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  1. Yup! Feel better, overdo it, and pay for it. Yup! fibro in a nutshell.
    Hope you rested up and felt better again.

    I haven’t been watching Idol yet this year. I usually wait to peek when they have 10-12 people left and see if I like anybody well enough to root for. 😉

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