I took some pictures of my latest journal pages for my Soar journal.  This was for lesson 3.  It asked what the definition for peace was and then asked what my peace was.  I thought about that for several days and kept going back to add additional thoughts.  There was a lot going on during the time (Valentine’s Day) so I didn’t do it all in one sitting.

I decided I wanted to use a stencil of an angel that I had.  I just didn’t put enough thought into it.  I grabbed a silver ink pad and used that to go over the stencil on blue patterned paper.  Blue and silver go well together but silver ink doesn’t show up well on busy patterned paper.  I really didn’t like the result so I grabbed my inktense watercolor pencils and went over the silver ink.  The effect was really neat.  The color mixed with the silver ink and cause the color to have a pearl look to it.  Since the blue paper overpowered the stencil design so much I used my prismacolor pencils to color in the face.  I used white to tone down the blue.  I added eyelashes, blush and red lips and then realized it was a boy!  I didn’t notice at first but the short hair and the curls in the front screamed BOY.  So I filled in the hair and made it longer.  I ended up putting way more work into that little angel then I had planned!

On the back of the last page I just added a prayer but as you can see the page got pretty wrinkled. My dog suddenly decided she needed some attention and jumped into my lap.  She landed right on top of my journal and almost ripped the right side page out off the book.  I was trying to hold it to keep it from pulling out.

I used my new butterfly hole punch that I got.  I just LOVE that thing.  Its by Martha Stewart and the top opens up and has butterfly stamps inside.  They are 3 different designs that are made to go with the shape of the butterfly punch outs.  I had so much fun with that and I’m sure I will keep having fun with it until it falls apart.  I love butterflies.  They are like little works of art.

There you can see the hole punch on my Martha Steward butterfly Album!   It still has a protective plastic cover on it so that caught the light.  I’ll post another picture of it later when I have more time.  I’m getting so tired and need to get my beauty sleep.  I hope everyone has a great Friday and a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Well, your angel looks like a girl now. Cute!
    I quit doing a SOAR journal, as you know. SOAR has a lot going for it, though. I would have totally been into it about 18-20 years ago when I was dealing with all my issues on rape and family and men in a big way. I think she’s a wonderful woman to be doing all of this for donations. From the ones I’ve read, her lesson plans are good for getting a person to really think about things. Enjoy the process!
    I really like some of Martha Stewart’s punches. She has so many unique ones to choose from. The butterfly is pretty! 🙂
    I’m going to continue to try to catch up. I’m so far behind on blogs after my malware scare, but I will catch up. 🙂 🙂

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