Daily Archives: February 24, 2012



Well I decided to post some more pictures of the cool stuff I got for Valentine’s Day (even though it was the day after).

I went to Michael’s and didn’t get a basket thinking I could get out of there without half the store.  I bought two 12×12″ scrapbook albums.  One of them is royal blue with a swirly design on the front.  The pictures didn’t turn out so I’ll have to try again on that one.  I got it for half off so I was happy about that.  The butterfly one by Martha Stewart was one I’d been drooling over for a long time now.  It was $25 regular price and I just couldn’t see spending that much so I was always waiting for it to go on sale.  Whenever it did it was not a good sale.  I guess no one was buying them at that price though so I ended up getting it for $8 on clearance!  I did a happy dance on the way to the register.  A manager/supervisor type stopped to see if I needed any help (since my arms were full) and she carried it to the register for me.

Of course that was the same time I got the butterfly punch/stamp set.

My husband took me to this great little antique store he spotted that was in a small house.  The house looked like it was very old as well.  My husband got spooked when we went upstairs and he felt like he was going to fall through the floor.  His head was touching the ceiling too.  I bought a few goodies while there.  I bought two little boxes for my collection, two necklaces, and some vintage buttons.  I didn’t even realize everything I’d bought was red.  How did that happen?  She gave me that little cloth bag for free to put one of my boxes in.  I love it.



After that my husband took me to this nice Italian restaurant called Gambadella’s.  It was delicious!  I actually tried something I’d never had before – Chicken Rustico.  I am not sure if I spelled that last part right but it was so good!   I usually take pictures of my food but my husband gets embarrassed so since he was treating me I didn’t want to do that.  I want to try to find a recipe although no one would eat it but me.  Maybe I should just go out to eat more often.

Well, tomorrow is Saturday and I love spending Saturday’s with my husband.  I usually run errands and grab a bite to eat.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.