Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

Easy Saturday’s at home


Sometimes the best thing to do on a cold Saturday is to snuggle in and take it easy.  I tinkered around some but mostly I listened to music.  I’m still organizing my itunes.  After my other laptop died my husband put all of our music together (to avoid duplicates) and then he set up my new (to me) laptop with itunes and dumped it ALL in.  It’s all in a shared holder on another hard drive so if the wireless cuts out my music stops working.  Anyway, I have every song everyone in the house has downloaded or uploaded- EVER!  Many of the songs are from CD’s we had.  He copied them all to itunes so we wouldn’t need the CD’s (or a player) unless we lost our music on the computers.  Well, I don’t like having all of this extra music and all the crazy genres!  That is my biggest pet peeve… there are so many different genres that the music is all over the place.  Half will be labeled one thing and have another so sometimes I buy a song thinking I don’t have it.  ERrrgh!  So I’ve been sorting and putting things back in order (my order).  I’ve deleted a lot of crap too.  I can’t imagine how anyone could consider screaming music.  It makes me wonder how they even know what the lyrics are or even what song they are listening to.  Hmmm… things to ponder.  Or not.  I just deleted it.

Yesterday and today I have been listening to some old rock music.  Some people (who live here but who shall remain un-named) like to label it as classic rock, old rock, soft rock, other, a very descriptive “genre” or oldies.  As I see it, if I remember the song it cannot be considered an “oldie” or “classic”.  If I live to be 100 maybe but not just yet.  I prefer to label music as the genre it is or was at the time.  I have smart playlists set up in iTunes to sort music by dates depending on the decade and then from there I can sort by genre.  That makes “the best of” albums a pain in the keester.  I have been looking up the actual dates for each song so they go where they should.

Anyhoo, yesterday I listened to the Beatles all day.  I forgot how much I loved their music!  Hey Jude is one of my favorites.

This is a song I had started to learn on the guitar and it makes me want to get it out and try again.  I do have more time now and a really nice guitar that deserves to be played more than dusted.

Today I listened to a little Jimi Hendrix and a lot of Eric Clapton and Cream.  I have to admit that some of this music is actually older than I am but I still love it.  I think once you label something “classic” it gets shelved and listened to less.  I really think we should take another look at what we used to call music and compare it to what we have today.  It is sounding a lot less like music to me!

How about a little “sunshine of your love?”  I love listening to the guitar music in this.

Here is another good one

How sad that such a wonderfully talented musician died at such a young age!  27 I think…..  That happens way too often.

I would have liked to meet that guy and shake his talented hand.  Maybe some of it would rub off on me.  😉

Have a wonderful restful right and beautiful Sunday!