Daily Archives: February 26, 2012

Silly mom…


I was actually worried about my son going on this trip to Anchorage.  Sure, I know he’s a big boy…. sure I know he’s almost 18 and all.  Sure, he was enrolled in school and in gifted & talented classes since he as 3 years old (on doctor’s orders).  He was a little OCD too and they helped with that.  He is the same kid that told his grandma that she was “dilapidated” just after his 2nd birthday.  Yes, he did know what it meant then.  He told his grandma that it meant she was “old and fallin’ apart”.  I really don’t know why I worry.  He knows his way around and learns very quickly but I guess its just natural for a mom to worry.  This boy is not normal either.  He actually gets excited about tests.  He passed the SAT when he was 12.  Now he wants to take it again just because he knows he would get a better score.  So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when they asked him the join the Academic Decathlon team.  Its just that it was a week and a half before the event when they asked him.  One of the team members couldn’t make it at the last minute and the team wouldn’t have had enough players.  They won last year at State so they didn’t want to give up.  They barely had enough time to get Jared signed up which is why I was worried.  All of the other kids had been studying the material all year.  Jared stayed after school a few days and all day Saturday and Monday (when there was no school).

Jared is not the kind of kid who studies.  He does his homework on the bus or in class.  He puts in very little effort and some how always does okay.  He is so laid back when I would have been freaking out.  That is so frustrating!

Jared never called me the whole time he was gone.  He just texted me a few times to answer mine.  I didn’t want to call because I knew the group would be going out to eat or studying.  I expected him to call me when he was free…. but no.

So I worried more.

Well, they won.  Jared came home with 6 medals and a scholarship.  Now they go to New Mexico for the next competition.