Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Another school shooting


My heart is just sick over what has happened at the school in Chardon, Ohio.  One young man is dead and 4 others are wounded.  I just think of my two sons, one who is a senior this year and the other who is in 8th grade, and I just want them to come home so I can hug them both.  I can’t imagine this happening to my child but it does happen and will continue to happen.   Are we supposed to install metal detectors in all of our schools to insure the safety of our kids and teachers?  I remember when I first heard about a school that installed metal detectors and thinking how crazy that was but now I’d be all for it.  Heck, I want to build a metal wall around my boys to always keep them safe but of course that isn’t practical.  I don’t want my boys or any of the kids, friends or not, to be hurt or killed.  I think they need to add a school psychiatrist to every school to evaluate each child’s potential for instability.  No one seems to see these things coming or if they do know there is an issue they don’t do anything.  Every child deserves to live a full life, even the child who is struggling on the inside.  We need to help those children before they lose themselves.   Parents are often too concerned with themselves, especially those dealing with divorce, and most don’t really understand how these things impact their children.  Too many children are physically or mentally abused or neglected.  We need to do what we can to help these children cope and heal before they mow down their classmates in the cafeteria.  Who knows why it happens but something has got to be done to try and stop it.  Maybe, if we can help them while they are young, they won’t grow up to become criminals as adults.

My heart goes out to the parents of the students that were hurt and the parents of the boy that died.  But, I also hurt for the parents of the child that did this.  I hurt for that child too…. because there is obviously something going on that is bigger than anyone knew.  My prayers go out to them all.