Music in my heart


I’m addicted to music.  I listen to music all day long.  Lately I’ve been listening to older music and loving it.  I just love the Beatles.  A friend just told me about a website called The name of the website does not make me think of music but I won’t say what it does make me think of.  Anyway, it is a music site where you can pick a time and listen to the music from then.  It was great.  I clicked on the 60’s and the first song was “Hey Jude”.  I listened to that for a long time today and then took some cold medicine and took a huge nap.  I’ve getting sicker now.  My son passed it on to me and I’ve been coughing my brains out all day.  I couldn’t miss American Idol though.  That is the only thing I watch on TV.   I loved today’s show.  I love it when they get to the big stage and they can sing what they want to sing.  I like almost all of the singers and it is hard to select only one as a favorite.  I was glad to see they brought Jermaine Jones back but I still like Heejun Han the best.  I just love his personality and of course, his voice.  I’m curious to see what happens tomorrow.

My son Jared is in the newspaper today.  There is a large picture at the top of his team (in blue shirts) studying at the Academic Decathlon.  Jared is up  at the top – the skinny one with glasses next to the blond girl that is facing the camera.  Of course they misspelled his name but he doesn’t seem too upset about it.  I still can’t believe my BABY is that big.   He was always crazy smart but when he was little it was much more noticeable.  What is frustrating is his grades are not very good.  He just coasts along and does the least he can get by with.  He told us one day that he only had to do 70% to pass so why work harder?  I just wanted to choke him.  I was always the type that got upset if I didn’t get a perfect score and where I went to school  79% was a failing grade.  His scores at this competition prove he is capable of so much more!  He brought home 5 1st and 2nd place metals in various subjects, in addition to the one for the team, and there were a lot of kids there from all over the state!  I am hoping this thing will help him see how much farther you can get by doing your best.  He got a $1000 scholarship and since he is a numbers man and is already crunching the numbers on how much college is going to cost him, I think he might start trying to do better.  Next stop is New Mexico and I think he’s hoping to snatch up a little more money for college.

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  1. LOL! Yes, UpChucky is not a good name for a music site! It made me laugh. I have been listening to certain years from when I first started listening to the radio when I was ten in 1961–what fun!

    I wish Jared luck in New Mexico!! Maybe he can snag a lot of help for college! Congrats to him. I imagine he’s very bored in school if it isn’t challenging. As long as he can step up when he needs to, I guess. 🙂

    I hope you get better soon. I hate those coughs where you can’t lay down and sleep. *hugs*

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