Crazy TV watcher


That’s me.  I can’t believe this.  I am one who NEVER watches TV.  I always have so many things I want to do that I can’t just sit still.  When I go to the movies I just keep thinking of all the things I could be doing.  I haven’t been to the movies in quiet a while.  The best movies to watch at the theater involve space, planets, and spaceships!  I loved watching Star Trek movies at the theater.  I am really more of a music person.  I actually have a really hard time typing “theater” without reversing the er at the end.  I am more of a “theatre” going person.  There is this little place downtown called the Empress Theatre where you can go watch plays, listen to great music, and watch some fantastic dancing of various types.  I would much rather go there than sit and watch a movie.

Anyway, now that American Idol 11 has started I am addicted!  Of course my TV is connected to a computer with media center and that computer is old and has issues.  I had completely forgotten how to even use it so I had to ask one of my kids for help.  When something goes wrong they are like Scotty on Star Trek who has to fix the engine or get weapons or shields back online before everyone dies.  American idol was about to come on and they were back there clanging around and changing out spark plugs or something.  I was about to freak out like the Tasmanian Devil if I didn’t get to see every minute of the show, including the 5 minute introduction that is the same every time.  That is how bad I am.  Now my kids get the TV all set up on Idol nights well before the show comes on.  They mute the TV and give me both controllers before taking off to their rooms.  One controller is for the TV and one is for the media center on the computer.  I think there is another for the toaster too.

This is actually the first season I have ever watched on TV.  In the past I have waited until it was all over and watched the highlights on youtube.  Sometimes I watch it years later.  This past winter I watched Season 10 first and then I watched season 9 in bits and pieces on youtube.  When I heard season 11 was starting I decided to actually tune in this time on TV.  The auditions are a little boring but the actual show just started yesterday and it was great.  There are so many great singers and so many of the ones they cut were great too!    I was like a guy watching a football game shouting “what!?!” or “oh, come on!”….at the TV.

There is this little guy named David Leathers that is 17 (but looks like he’s 12) and sounds like a young Michael Jackson.  He is amazing but he didn’t make it into the top 24.  I know there has got to be more ways to “make it big” for these great young people than American Idol.

Last night I watched the 13 guys sing and they are all really good.  A few of them I didn’t like as much but it wasn’t because they weren’t good; They just sing music I don’t like.  Funny thing though is I really like HeeJun Han but he mostly sings R&B/Soul type music and I really don’t like that type of music at all.  He just has this smooth voice with a bit of a rasp that I just love.   For his audition, when he said he was going to sing “How am I supposed to live without you” by Michael Bolton I thought, “oh gag” but I loved it!  He just adds something more to it that wasn’t there before.  I did end up voting for him though but there are several others that I would hate to see get booted off the show.  Like Jermaine Jones!  He has an awesome deep voice and sings with such emotion.  There is also Phillip Phillips, Creighton Fraker, and Colton Dixon.  There are so many great talents to choose from!

Last night I watched each person sing and just had to vote for my favorite HeeJun Han!  When he sing Angels he gave me goosebumps!  Although, his reason for choosing that song (at the end of the video) was what really got me.

(for some reason my post got cut off here and I have to rewrite the rest.  I’m really not happy with wordpress today.)

Well I can’t remember what all I wrote about the girls but basically they were all really good except Bambie… I mean, Baylie Brown.  She is a beautiful girl with her boobs cinched up tight in this pink gown but her singing wasn’t good.  Her notes here off and it sounded like bad karaoke.

I voted for my favorite Shannon Magrane but it was a hard choice because there were so many talented girls!

Tomorrow will be rough because they will be making a lot of cuts.

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  1. Glad you’re enjoying American Idol. I am not into music these past couple decades and must be so out of the loop. I tried to watch when they got down to 12 and 12 and everybody seems to try to sing full force all the time. I had to turn the volume down and some of it sounds like screeching to me. Many of them were sliding notes and off key. I don’t think I’ll watch anymore. I must be too old for the kind of singers they have these days. They are obviously well liked by many. I do know how much you love the show. 🙂 🙂

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