Yeah, I got knocked down by fibromyalgia for a few days and I broke my streak of blogging every day. That’s okay though because now I have a record to beat. I blogged 63 days in a row. I still feel pokey but much better than before.

I missed Monday’s blogging prompt so I think I’ll save that one for Saturday. They don’t have prompts for the weekend days.

The prompt for Tuesday is:

Would you rather have invisibility or the ability to fly?

That is a hard one. My youngest son asks me odd ball questions like this all the time. I usually tell him to go find someone else to pester because I have things to do. If I actually do take the time to think about it, I usually say invisibility. But, I guess he never asked about flying. I would love to be able to fly. When I was young my sister grabbed me up from the edge of a cliff when I was hiking and I really thought I could fly over to the other side of the river. I’ve never wanted to go bungee jumping or sky diving but I would love to go hang gliding. If I could fly I don’t think I’d ever land again.

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  1. 63 days is extraordinary…good for you.

    And yeah, I’d love to be able to fly. I’ve envied the birds for as long as I can remember. I’ve stood at the top of some gorgeous canyons here in Colorado and imagined myself just leaning forward, and flying free. I never look at the prompts — perhaps I’ll have to start. They sound pretty cool.

  2. Hope you’ll feel better for a while now. I hate when I get KOed. That usually happens to me when I overdo it and do too much at home or whenever I am out and about.

    Funny, I am afraid of heights, but I dream about a kind of gliding flying. Used to get up over the trees and plummet, but have learned how to land a few years ago–LOL! Dreams…funny things. I’d take flying for sure. Not one to want to spy on people or get into things for free or anything like that, so invisibility doesn’t have much appeal. 😉

    • I have never dreamed of flying (unless I was awake). I think it is so funny that people dream of flying and learning to land. I usually dream of being chased and a couple of times I’ve deampt my teeth were breaking or falling out. It seems like flying would be such a relaxing dream.

      • I’ve dreamed of my teeth crumbling and falling out, too! Many times over the years. I always thought it was because I have kind of bad teeth and always have something going wrong with them–LOL!
        The flying dreams were only cool for a little while before I plummeted–and that went on for like 50 years till I suddenly knew how to land. Most of the time I have more floaty dreams where I can kind of leap and float a little ways off the ground for long distances or down stairs, that kind of thing. Those I have always enjoyed and have never landed badly–LOL! 😉

    • It would be so fun to have a flying friend. I watched some hang gliders in the fall and I really wanted to be one of them. I think I would love to fly all over Alaska in the fall!

      • The crazy thing is that when I read comments like yours I really start YEARNING to fly. And then I have to remember that it’s not really a possibility and I’m disappointed. But wouldn’t it be great. You could come out this way to celebrate the end of Iditarod! We’d cook up some good food in case you were a bit chilly when you arrived!

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