Sleeping Beauty


Today was a little bit shaky. I wasn’t feeling so hot and I slept until 4pm! What the hay??? I had stuff planned. I was planning to go to a watercolor painting lesson at 3pm but I guess I needed my beauty sleep. I did go to the gardening class. Today was the first class and I am so excited to learn more about gardening and starting plants from seeds. I had a hard time sitting on a hard chair for 2 hours but I wanted to learn as much as possible. I was fiercely taking notes and trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible because I want to put it into action very soon. I had my first vegetable garden 2 years ago with store bought plants and they turned out great for the most part. I was working at that time so I didn’t have enough time to spend in the garden so I know it could have been better. I really wanted to start my own plants from seeds but when I tried that last year I didn’t have much success. So now I hope to learn how to start my own seeds and grow myself a salad bar! I also want to donate some food to the Rescue Mission (homeless shelter). My first thought was to help the food bank but they only take non-perishables. That is okay though because this group was so excited to get my call that they said they would even unload everything for me.

Anyway, after I got out of that class I went to Michael’s to buy so new goodies. I was really after some more pens to doodle with since that has become my new obsession. I usually like to have things in sets but there are so many kinds of pens available. I’ve found I like to buy them individually. It was a great day to go though because they had this rack of 12×12 scrapbook paper on clearance. It wasn’t all ugly stuff either. I love it! I snatched up a nice little stack of it. It even rang up way cheaper than what it was said it was. Most of them were only 14 cents each and well worth it.

After I got home I watched American Idol since I had that taping and voted for HeeJun Han! I also downloaded the song he sang. I love it that they have them all on itunes!  There are so many talented people on this show.  I wish more than one could win.  It is so hard to pick a favorite out of this group.  Shannon didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I love her anyway.  I know she has an amazing voice and I would love to have an album by her AND HeeJun of course.

Okay, Today’s blog prompt is

Would you rather have more blog readers or more blog comments?

Well, is that a tricky question or what?  I would love to have more blog readers and I know I have some awesome readers who don’t always comment but I do like getting those comments.  Many people just click the “like” button and that is good too.  I guess I would say more readers because I’m going to write what I write no matter what anyone thinks.  I don’t really write for anyone but myself anyway and I had this blog for years when probably no one read it.  Feedback is great but not really necessary.  I know if people are reading they must not mind my writing.  I don’t usually look at the stats page but now they have that little thing at the top of the page all the time so it catches my eye.  So by that I know when people are reading but like I said, even if no one were reading I would still post.  Writing is very therapeutic.

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  1. I was wondering where you were. Hope you’re feeling better today.
    My dad always started his garden from seeds and had tons of success. I’ve tried it here and didn’t do so great so we just buy our plants now. Maybe someday I’ll be more motivated to try again with the seeds.
    Oh, I planted peonies in the fall and I cant wait to see how they do! Someone said that they probably wont bloom the first year, and considering my luck with plants down here I’ll be lucky if they ever bloom. I’ve had my hydrangea for about four years now and it’s never bloomed, between hail and disease. Freaking Texas.

    • Do you fertilize them? I have a rose tree of china in my front yard and it never bloomed for years. Well, I did plant it when it was just a tiny little limb. Now I know I have to go out really early and put some fertilizer out there or it wont do anything. Even then it still doesn’t do much. One year I only got one flower. My grandma grew hydrangea and said they change color depending on how acidic the soil is. She would add stuff to the soil to change the ph and get different colors and I always thought that was so cool. I wish I could grow more things her and keep them for longer. I have peonies here and some of them get blooms the size as saucers. I guess they have to have just the right spot though because only the ones by the fence lived. One of these days I’ll have to move out of this frozen place just so I can grow more flowers. I love tulips and daffodils. I have planted tulips but they never come back. Good luck with your flowers! Oh, and miss ya.

  2. Good luck with your garden. I could never physically handle that anymore.

    I think I’d rather have comments if I had to choose.

    Hope you’re feeling okay after sitting in a hard chair for two hours!! 🙂 🙂

    • I have a really hard time actually. I have to set a timer or I get carried away and over do it. My doctor really wants me to do more though so I’m going to give it a try. I slept till 4pm again today. I woke up several times with pain in my hips and back and I blame it on sitting for so long. I really want to get back to waking up in the morning though.

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