The day after Nyquil


I’m really sensitive to some medications especially anything containing a decongestant.  I usually take Dayquil and it usually makes me tired.  Well, I ran out of Dayquil so I took maybe two-thirds of a dose of Nyquil.  I woke up at 6 pm!  I don’t think I’ll do that again.  My husband did go to the store and bought me some more dayquil while I was out cold.  I took that when I woke up with my stuffy head and sore throat.  I feel so much better after taking that!

I’ve been listening to some more music categorized as “other”, which means everything apparently.  I did find a couple of songs though that I could understand why they couldn’t figure out the genre.  They are those songs where a band goes completely out into the great beyond and plays something completely out of character and it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.  There is a song by Empyrium which according to Wikipedia is a folk/doom metal band (which is not my thing at all).  There was a couple of songs by them and I deleted all but one which is called, “The Sad Song and the Wind”.  I love that song.  I’m still trying to think of where to put it.  Wikipedia says they draw their inspiration from nature which sounds like something I would like but when they sing it makes me want to turn it off as fast as I can.  I am never fast enough.

I’m almost ready to start my tatted earrings but I have the problem of not having two shuttles that are not already attached to a project.  I have one and its too late to go buy another one right now.  I could make one like I did before with a tide bottle but I would still have to wait for the glue to dry.  The one I made works great though and I do have a tide bottle to mistreat.  Things that make you go Hmmmmm……

An alarm just went off on my phone to remind me that next week is spring break and it scared me out of my skin!  I’m so used to my reminders all having the same tone but this one was very high pitched and different.  I almost hit the roof I jumped so high and my oldest son is still laughing.  I have to go hit him.  TTYL

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