A new day


The sun is starting to shine here and the snow is melted.  I think this is the first year of my life I didn’t go out and crunch the frozen puddles in the early mornings of spring.  I love to do that.   This year it seemed like spring would never come and then suddenly I realized it had come and went.  I have a lot of bad days but I try not to dwell on that so I’m not going to talk about that here.

This time of year I usually have my kitchen covered with seedlings but I just have a little strawberry container that I planted some dill in.  It is only a couple inches tall right now.  I can’t close the top anymore and they are reaching for he light.  There is just something magical to me in planting a seed and watching a small plant emerge.  I like to plant lettuce, mixed greens, radish, and peas when it’s warm enough outside and when they are ready I can go out and pick myself a salad.  I planted asparagus last year but I don’t know if it made it through the winter.  I can’t wait to find out.  All of the flowers in my front yard are perennials so I don’t have to do much for them.

I started working on my family tree again.  I started several years back and couldn’t get anymore information.  I started thinking about it again and realized I better get going on it before it is lost forever.  So many people in my family are old and some people in my family have cancer.  I lost one of my uncles in March.  I think that is what got me started on this.  Well, I found out that my son Riley was born on his great, great, great grandfathers birthday.  They were born 130 years apart.  I think that is pretty neat.  Plus, when I got on ancestry.com I found someone else that has my same great grandfather.  His Grandmother is my grandfather’s sister.  He had a picture of my grandfather when he was younger and even had a picture of my great grandfather.  I’ve never seen a picture of my great grandfather and the only pictures I’d seen of my grandfather were from when he was really old.  My grandfather died before I was even born.  Another person had a picture of my great grandparents from the other side of the family.  I was able to verify with my aunts that it is really them.   I feel like I found buried treasures.

Well I will try to post more often than never for a while.


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  1. Good to see you!!! Do you ever watch Who Do You Think You Are? Love it! My sister is the one who has done the digging around the family tree for us. I’m not sure if she has done anything the past few years. She was really heavy into it for a while. difficult as we have great and great-great grandparents in Sweden.

    Sorry to hear you were in the dumps. 😦 Hope you are feeling better. And keep posting!! 🙂 🙂

    • No, I haven’t seen that show. I really do enjoy working on my family tree and learning about people I haven’t met or never knew very well… and even people that have died a long time ago. It is even better working on it together with my sister. It gives me something to keep focused on. I’m trying to keep upbeat and stay out of the dumps as much as possible. Part of my problem is my oldest turning 18 and when he is away from home he doesn’t call. Then my youngest son is 15 and giving me some attitude. He just wants me to leave him alone. He is mad because I took away all of his games and he can’t watch TV until he brings his grades back up. The school district is saying he has missed too many days of school and thinks he should be held back but he has already been held back a year and I don’t want him to be 20 before he graduates. It isn’t that he doesn’t do well in school but he’s been having pain in his legs and headaches and missing a lot of school.

  2. Hi Donna,
    Sorry that you haven’t been feeling well! I know how that is. My thing is a hormonal imbalance and have been working on correcting that. I’m feeling better, haven’t had the horrible low-lows but going to the Dr. this next week for a stronger scrip! You feel better though. Left you a message on Willowing, because I need your addy where to send your ATC’s. You can email @ this email I listed here.

    • Thanks Karen. I love it that you stopped by my blog. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so it makes it really hard to keep a positive attitude. I love doing the ATC’s and trading with people around the world.

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