Since I’m not working I’ve become the Queen of Green and I enjoy it.  I’ve always been a bargain shopper and loved shopping sales and clearance racks.  My favorite place to shop is Value Village because you can find something unique there that everyone in town doesn’t already own.  This is a small town with very limited shopping so the chances of seeing someone in the same outfit you have is very very high.  I am not a person that likes expensive purses like Coach or dooney and bourke.   I really don’t get why anyone would want a purse that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.  I do like purses but I especially love small, unique purses and I find them at Value Village.  In the last few months I’ve found two really nice purses in new condition that I love for a total of $12 for both of them.  I’ll have to post a picture when I get a chance.

This year I didn’t plant nearly as many seeds.  I don’t have as much energy as I did last year.  I just planted some herbs and flowers so far.  The veggies I’m planting can be started directly outside in the garden.  This year I didn’t buy anything but a bag of seedling mix and the seeds.  I started the seeds in toilet paper rolls and I will be able to plant them in the ground because the TP rolls will break down.  I’ll write more about this later and include pictures but I haven’t been able to see very well because of allergies.  My eyes have been like waterfalls the past few days.  The pollen count is very high.

My newest venture is making my own laundry soap.  I’ve seen a lot of websites on making laundry soap and I like this one.  I just  bought the ingredients and I’m going to make it soon….when I can see to do it.  I am just going to reuse my old tide bottle when it is empty.  I also read that a half cup (I think it was) of distilled vinegar in a downy ball helps to soften clothes.  I am going to test this out and see how it works.  My main reason is, of course, to save money but I also have a lot of allergies to soaps.  I’ve always used Tide (unscented) since I know it is safe but it costs me around $19 here in Alaska!  I always buy it whenever it goes on sale but now I am just going to make my own and then I’ll know what is in it.

I am also going to knit my own washcloths for the main bathroom.  I bought some cotton yarn in matching shades of blue.  Now I just need to find the right pattern.  I actually may just make my own.  When I get the time I will actually make that shower curtain that I was going to make a year ago.  I bought the material and tatting thread to tat an edging.  I just couldn’t decide on the perfect edging and how I’m going to sew the curtain.  I’m not using a pattern so I have to get it right in my head before I start.  The theme for that bathroom is supposed to be old ships so my husband and I painted the bathroom in a warm medium toned blue and ragged it with a stormy blue-grey glaze.  It looks great.  The fabric I bought is a white crushed voile so it will be sort of like a sail.  I actually sent off a paint sample to Handy Hands so I could get tatting thread that matched as closely as possible.  The thread is matched to the lighter shade of blue.  Eventually I plan to paint a picture of a ship for that bathroom.  I love old ships.  Each room in my house is supposed to be decorated to a different country but until I figure out which type of ship I want to paint I wont know which country that room will be.

Now, someone please stop me if I start knitting TP out of belly button lint.

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  1. Those hand knitted cotton wash cloths and dish cloths are the best! Making your own soap sounds like a great idea. Especially since you have reactions, anyways.

    I’ve never been into purses and shoes and most of the girly stuff, I guess. But saving money on them makes perfect sense to me. 😉

    I hope you are doing okay with the darn allergies and the gardening goes well, too. My allergies have just been so-so, but the terribly achey body from the dampness has been in high gear because of the extra rainy spring we’ve been having. I’m just moving slower than my normal slow–LOL! Have a really good day! 🙂

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