Fibromyalgia eyes


Did you know that Fibromyalgia effects eyes?  I’ve had a problem with dry eyes for several years now and when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia they told me the dry eyes was another symptom/component of the fibromyalgia.  What I didn’t realize though, that it would get worse and actually affect my vision.  Sometimes I wake up and my eyelids are literally stuck to my eyes.  I have to wiggle my eyes around as much as I can to loosen them up and as soon as I can get some drops in them.  A few years ago my eye doctor gave me a clear salve to put in my eyes at night and heavy drops to help keep them moist during the day.  These things help but only for the sort term.

This spring I started having problems with my eyes watering heavily any time the sun was out bright and as an added bonus I get migraines from bright light.  When the trees started to produce pollen things got even worse.  I blamed it all on the allergies but started to wonder when it didn’t get better.  Another thing that bothered me was that although I always have seasonal allergies they never affected my eyes like this before.  My eyes were like waterfalls (with tears literally dripping from both cheeks) and everything looked blurry all the time even when they weren’t watering.  I haven’t been able to drive much and occasionally I’ve had to pull over because I couldn’t see.  Most mornings I wake up feeling like I have a few grains of sand in my eyes but using drops doesn’t wash them out.  It just stings.  I finally went to the eye doctor and he said I have conjunctivitis from the allergies and sever dryness.  He prescribed allergy drops and steroid drops to help with the inflammation.  I will also need to wear dark glasses anytime I’m out in the sun.  I ordered some prescription sunglasses that are extra dark so I will either be looking “fly”…. or like a big scary fly.  We will see.

Before I left though my eye doctor told me that these problems will never really go away.  Just like the Fibromyalgia…… it is another part of my new life that some people seem to consider a “vacation” or “plenty of time to do whatever I want”.  Now, in addition to all of the medications that I take daily, I will always be using the heavy, oily drops and salves to help keep my eyes from drying up into little brown raisins and now special prescription drops for allergies…. and how often can you safely use steroid drops in your eyes?

When I went to pick up my prescription eye drops at the hospital, my heart sank as I saw the place I used to work and some of the people I used to work with.  I really enjoyed that job and worked hard to get it.  I was blessed with the time I was able to work there.  I miss being able to help other people instead of always worrying about my own and what will happen next…  Hopefully some of these things will get easier.

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  1. Wow, how rude of people to say things like you’re on vacation.
    I always thought you should find out what nursing home AG ends up in and “volunteer” there as his special assistent. 😀

  2. If we are on vacation, it is certainly nothing to write home about! I rarely see anything but my four walls with my 24/7 companions pain and exhaustion. LOL! A lot of people just don’t get it. I lost a close friend of over 30 years over her rude remarks and lack of understanding–and she’s a nurse–but obviously wasn’t a true friend. My eyes are drier, but not as bad as yours have been. I’m always rubbing them, though, and so they’re always kind of red-rimmed. Adds to the beautiful fibro look–LOL! 😉 Hang in there!!

  3. Thanks Rita, some people just don’t understand and are more interested in gossiping than helping. But for all the friends I have lost I’ve gained better friends at church. I’ve also grown closer to my family that live far away and talk to them through facebook and email. I’m very blessed to have the friends I have now especially you Rita.

  4. I have severe fibromyalgia and had to quit my career 5 years ago. It is still difficult for me to think about. I have dry eyes as well, but not as bad as yours. I use lots of eye drops (I like Systane the best). Thanks for your blog. Have a good day!!

    • Thank you Ginger. I had to quit my job as a CNA a year ago. I was an endoscopy tech and loved my job. I was training to be a scrub tech in the OR when this all started. I treasure the experiences I had while working there, especially with the patients. I haven’t heard of those eye drops but I will certainly look for them. I’d love some relief from the burning.

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