Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival!


Sorry it has been so long since I have posted but I have had a lot of bad days.  I am just starting to have a few good days and as long as I don’t overdo it I think I should be doing better for a while.

Anyway, last year I really wanted to take this drawing class that was being taught during the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival at UAF but I just couldn’t.  My dad and his wife were visiting and staying with us during that time.  I was so bummed out because the class was being taught by the same person that I was taking watercolor lessons from.  He really wanted me to go because he said that I was strongest in that area.  Well, it’s that time of year again and my husband is away on a two week business trip.  I sent him a text about and he said, “go head!”  YES!  I am soooooooo excited.  The class is called “Beginning to draw with the right brain.”  I wonder where to get a “right brain” because I’m pretty sure I’ve got the wrong one.  :OP  It is two weeks M-F in the evenings so I’ll have to rest up to make sure I can make it each day.  It costs too much to not go.

Anyway, so far I feel pretty good today.  I’ve been cleaning in my kitchen, sweeping and moping and organizing… but I did have my kids move the furniture.  I work in 10 or 15 minute blocks (depending on how difficult it is for me) and then I take a break.  I’ve been doing some “spring” cleaning.  I want to get the house as clean as it was when I moved in and the house was new.  I have been working on the kitchen for the past week and it is looking pretty good.  I’ve cleaned all of my white appliances and cleaned the things that just don’t get cleaned as often and it looks so much better.  I’ve found that I love those magic erasers.  The main brand is by Mr. Clean but I buy the generic walmart brand and get a box of 4 for $3.  They work on EVERYTHING!  I cleaned the walls, scuffs on the kitchen floor, Riley cleaned his white tennis shoes with one, the bathtub, everything I can think of really.  I have this “glass top stove cleaner” that is like soft scrub but made for the glass top and doesn’t seem to do anything.  My teen-aged boys cook some and they usually turn up the heat too high and things boil over.  So I had these rings that I couldn’t get off.  I put some of that special glass top stove cleaner on there, let it sit a minute or two and then scrubbed until I was exhausted.  Then I had Riley try and then washed it all off.  The rings were still there the same as before.  I tried one of the erasers and it came off so easy I threw that other crap in the trash.  I didn’t even use any soap, just the slightly damp generic brand eraser.  It looks great.

I’ve also been making my own laundry soap using this recipe and it is working fantastic!  No more allergies for me.  I have always used tide (no fragrance)  and plain bounce dryer sheets and didn’t have any trouble for a long time but suddenly I started itching from head to toe.  I don’t know if they changed their ingredients or if I changed.  I also started having problems with my shampoo and bath bar soap so might just be me.  Well I made up a batch of this laundry detergent and put distilled white vinegar in the liquid softener spot in my washing machine and it works great.  The vinegar helps rinse the soap out of the clothes, cuts down on some of the static and makes the clothes feel soft.  It isn’t as good at stopping the static but I’m still happy with it.  And no, my clothes don’t smell like vinegar.  Vinegar doesn’t smell at all when it is dry.  It isn’t that hard to make and it is so much cheaper!  It is great to not have to worry if I will break out in hives or not too.

I am experimenting with dishwasher soap right now.  I found one recipe somewhere, not sure where right now, but basically they used equal parts of borax and washing soda (same as you use in the laundry soap) and put distilled white vinegar in the spot for the rinse agent.  Well all seemed to be going well until I started noticing my glasses looked like they were covered in this film.  They were not so crystal clear.  I also noticed what looked like “soap scum” on the inside of my dishwasher.  Gross.  So I ran an empty load with lemon juice to clean the dishwasher out and then I started adding a tiny-tiny little drop of my Palmolive dish soap and a large squirt of lemon juice with a scoop of the homemade dishwasher soap and they cleared up.  I found another recipe that starts off the same but also includes some citric acid and coarse Kosher salt.  I’ll try that recipe after I use up all of what I already have.

Well I better get going and finish cleaning.  I really want the house to look good when my hubby comes home from his trip.

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  1. Wow! You’ve been busy! It’s so nice to get things cleaned and organized. And–an art class!!! Whoohoo! You’ll have to do a show and tell about everything with the class. I’m jealous!! Good to hear from you. 🙂 🙂

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