Rain and good books


It is almost 1:30 am but I don’t officially switch to the next day until after I wake up.

Today was a beautiful day although not everyone thought so.  I loved it!  It rained pretty much all day but it was such a fresh rain and some of the time it was actually sunny and still raining.  I actually listened to some CCR – Have you ever seen the rain on a sunny day?  Yes, I did today!  I had the windows and backdoor open and sat on the couch with a blanket and read and watched the leaves glittering in the wind outside my window.  The clouds were huge but moved so fast across the sky.  I finished one book and started 2 more.  Now that I have all of my books organized and posted on goodreads so I can clearly see what I have I just want to read everything.  I’m not that good at multi-tasking though.

Right now I’m working on re-reading the Blossom Street books by Debbie Macomber.  I love that series but I stopped reading it when I realized I’d got the books out of order and missed a few.  I’m really crazy like that.  I have to read things in order even when they say it doesn’t matter and Debbie Macomber likes to write side stories that tie into the series but are not really considered part of it.  So I started over.  I usually don’t re-read books but I guess I’m old enough now that I can because I don’t remember them.  That is bad but true.

I really like that several of these books have knitting patterns in the front of them.  The books where Lydia who owns the yarn store called “A Good Yarn” and is teaching a knitting class, the pattern the class is working on is included in the front of the book.

So I have found the right order on Debbiemacomber.com of all places.

The Shop on Blossom Street (Blossom Street #1)

A Good Yarn (Blossom Street, #2) 

More Than Words, Volume 2: What Amanda Wants/The Yellow Ribbon/The Way Home/Shelter from the Storm/Into the Groove (Debbie wrote “What Amanda Wants” which is the first story.  It ties in right after Book #2)

Susannah’s Garden (Blossom Street, #3)   So far this is my favorite book

Christmas Letters  (This is a hardback Romantic Comedy that ties in right after book #3) This is my least favorite book!

Back On Blossom Street (Blossom Street #4)   – This is where I’m at now.  After this book there are four more.

Twenty Wishes

Summer on Blossom Street

Hannah’s List

A Turn in the Road


So 5 of those books are leaving my house and making room for others.  This is a good thing because I still have some in the garage that can’t fit on the shelves yet.

I am also reading The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here for?  You are supposed to read this over a 40 day period so I’m going to try to.  I’ve got the journal to go with it.  I started it before but never got very far.  This time I’m going to finish it but the question is whether I can stick to only reading one chapter per day so I have time to “think” about what I’ve read.

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    • Oh you should get a kindle fire! I love mine (when I can get it away from my husband). We will probably get another one so we can both have one. My husband didn’t realize he would like it so much when he got me one. He uses it every day! He can watch netflicks movies on it too and it has great picture and sound. I just like to read on it. It is really neat because when someone tells you about a book and you can go read reviews and if you like it just download it. You can download classics for free and there are a lot of books for free on amazon. I never buy new books anymore. I either buy them at used book stores or I download them on the kindle. I have talked to a lot of people who had the nook but ended up getting a kindle later. They said Barns and noble never has free books. The ones that are free for the kindle on amazon are always at least 99 cents on b&n. They also have high prices on the other books than kindle. The kindle fire is just like the nook. You would love it! If you have wireless internet in your house you don’t need a “plan”. I don’t usually leave the house so I just use my wireless. Your smart son and daughter in law could get it set up for you in a jiffy. You know, I think I should get a job as a kindle sales(wo)man LOL

      • I had been thinking of a Kindle Fire because I have wireless internet already. Good to know!! Yes, you could be a saleslady for them. LOL! 🙂

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