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I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now so I guess I’ve had a lot of time to think since it is impossible to read with my eyes watering like this.  So I’ve been making new blogs.  I mentioned the poetry blog last time but I haven’t written anymore since I couldn’t think of anything positive.  I’ve been pretty grumpy since I’ve been sick for so long.  Anyway, I did start to learn needle tatting.  I started to learn needle tatting a while back (beginning of last winter I think).  I got an old book from the library and ordered some tatting needles online.  Well, the book was a little frustrating and taught this complicated way to make the stitches.  So, of course, after I took the book back I never could remember how to do it anymore.  They also used yarn and a large needle.  I remember I was going to make a scarf and tat a strip with yarn that I would insert into a knitted scarf.  Well, since I couldn’t remember how to do the stitches anymore I never got anywhere with it.

A while back I stumbled onto this tatting site by Georgia Seitz and sent an email to join.  Shortly after I started having a lot of problems with fibro pain so never followed through with it.  Well, I recently got an email that classes were starting again so I jumped on board!  And they are teaching needle tatting too!  Yes!  Right away I learned a simpler way of making those stitches and even better…. she showed these pictures that really broke down how the stitches are made.  So now I don’t even have to make them any particular way.  Since I know how the thread has to go to form the proper loop I can do it however I prefer!  I’ve already needle tatted a few things and I’m so happy :O)  Oh and another bonus is the friends I am making through the classes.  These people are from all over and all different ages but we all have one thing in common….. and most likely a lot more than one.

Well, that led me to make another blog.  This one is just for tatting since I think it would be better to just have one place to keep all my tatting links and info together.  That way someone that comes along looking for something about tatting wont have to sift though me talking about my dog and my problems to find cool tatting stuff.  This blog is called although the site has been doing maintenance so if you get an error just try again later.  It is there I promise.  I really like it too.

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  1. I hope you are totally well soon. Bummer to be sick that long.
    I won’t follow the tatting blog. Don’t tat. I am just catching up on over 150 blog posts this weekend so new blogs are a bit much for me right now, anyways.
    I’m glad your meeting some new folks who enjoy the same hobby. Great way to meet good people. Tatters have to be good people, right? LOL! 😉
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂 🙂

    • Wow, you really follow a lot of blogs woman! That’s a lot of reading! I wouldn’t expect you to follow that blog but I think I’ll tat something for you so you can enjoy it :O) Maybe a bookmark or a pretty doily? I’m not sure which you’d like best but I’m sure you would enjoy it. I love how it looks.

    • Oh Laurie I will have to post a picture so you can see. It is a type of lace made either with the use of a shuttle or a needle. It is an old craft that was dying out but is suddenly reviving! I love learning about old needle crafts. We all know women used to make their own clothing but people usually don’t think about the pretty stuff like lacy undies… or collars/cuffs, lace for wedding dresses and veils. Many women tatted them. It is a pretty lace that is stronger and doesn’t just unravel if a thread breaks like crochet. It is actually made out of the same knots sailors use. My dad used to fish with big nets and he mended his net with a shuttle that is just a larger version of my tatting shuttle………and he used the same knots! I think that is really neat! Think about it, you can make delicate lace from the same knots that make ugly fishing nets!

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